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If you don't fancy to travel in a random group with a guide...

If you do not look forward to staying at regular hotel resorts...

If you want to actively discover a different country and experience what it offers but still relax when you suddenly feel like it...

If you lack the time or desire to prepare the many details of your journey yourself...

Well, then you can still be the creator of your own experiences and travel on your own. With our itinerary!

Don't buy a pig in a poke. Download this sample San Francisco itinerary for free. 

If you like it, you can find our itinerary for Hawaii in Apple Books. We will be adding other destinations soon.

What the itinerary can offer:

1. By default the length of your stay in San Francisco is set to 5 days. You can decide to prolong or shorten your stay.

2. Practical tips related to accommodation, public transportation, restaurants and shops, safety, local events and weather.

3. Detailed and very exact recommendation of places to stay in a strategically determined location.

4. Recommendation of local activities and trips organized by days and exact routes (information on distance also in time and always with a respective link to Google Maps).

5. Recommended restaurants.

6. Links you can click on in order to directly book any of the recommended services for reasonable prices and to obtain further detailed information.

10 reasons to choose our itinerary: 

1. Our itinerary is in electronic form. Any paper guide takes up space and is impractical. Our e-book is always with you - in your phone. 

2. Clickable links make our itinerary easy to use, it is not just an electronic copy of a paper book. 

3. Activities and places to see are organized by days. They are also ordered according to the recommended route if a road trip is suggested. So you won't have to find optimal routes (as for your location and possible distances) before you travel. 

4. In a clear list, our itinerary precisely recommends which services and where to book before you travel (yes, clickable links). For example, in the itinerary you will find recommendations of various accommodation facilities in a location we have chosen strategically. Before you book, you can check reviews online and see that we only recommend quality accommodation. 

5. The length of stay as defined in most of our itineraries refers to the ideal case when you can leave for 2-3 weeks and want to explore everything we recommend. However, you can choose the length of your stay as you prefer. Just customize the contents of the itinerary to your shortened or extended stay. 

6. The routes you take are already accurately calculated (distance, time) in our itinerary and listed with a link to Google Maps. 

7. Our itinerary offers practical tips related to car rental and driving, local language and customs, health and safety or weather. 

8. What you will not find in our itinerary is useless stuff. You can see location photos on our website, Facebook, Instagram or even better... make your own. And as for history and demography, you can read more from countless credible sources on the Internet. 

9. You can guess three times how to save time and effort. Yes, with our itinerary. Because the aim is not to exhaust you through an exhaustive description of your destination. You will not have to study any long text pages. You can enjoy your stay straight away. 

10. With our itinerary no guide assigned from a travel agency will dictate you how to spend each day of your vacation. You will not have to adjust to a random group of people. If you do not like an activity recommended in the itinerary, you can simply skip it or replace it with a different one.

    Travel & Adventure
    January 31
    Anton Subert

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