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The world is no longer a safe place, especially for women. For several decades, the birth rate of females has been declining. Militants, the government, and private citizens alike will do anything to find young women and force them into unthinkable arrangements.

The Wanderers are a secret underground society, born to provide sanctuary for anyone who believes in free will and democratic notions. They have grown in numbers for many years and have several compounds where their citizens live in safety.

After living off the grid for all of her twenty-one years, Layla’s life has been uprooted after the murder of her parents. On the run with her nineteen-year-old sister, she’s hungry, scared, and running out of time. At her lowest moment of despair, she finally finds someone who can take them to The Wanderers.

Layla knows how to take care of herself. She can fight. She can forage for food. She has bad-ass survival skills. But she has never been this close to anyone outside of her immediate family, especially men. So many men. She’s aware of society’s inclination towards living with multiple partners, but is she ready to enter into a polyamorous relationship herself?

Jay, Gatlin, Ledger, and Nile have been living as a family unit with The Wanderers for years. When Layla shows up, they practically trip over one another in an effort to woo her. She’s young and sweet and kind and all that is good in the world. Pressuring her to choose them is strictly forbidden of course. They must be patient.

When Layla goes missing, her men will do anything to find her before she falls into the wrong hands. Losing her is not an option. They just got her. But is she really theirs?

October 19
Becca Jameson Publishing
Becca Jameson

Customer Reviews

Mjs4196361564 ,

A wonderful new beginning

I This was the first book in a new series and takes place in the future. Layla and her sister are on the run as their parents were killed. There are less women to men so they are hunted. They get rescued and brought underground to meet the people who have gone there. Her Layla finds her life changing as she find men that want to be with her. She has to choose what she wants. To learn more yiu have to read it! I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

Miche426 ,

Exciting Suspenseful Romantic Adventure with four men.

Layla and her sister Ariel are in hiding in and trying to get to safety.
Girls are scarce and are hunted and sold. They had to run after their parents were killed by bad men. A woman finds them and takes them to a place where they would be safe. But here women have free choice and are kept safe. But because women are scarce if the woman agrees she will mate with four men in a family unit. But it is her choice entirely. This is the Very Basic Beginning to a Super Interesting Very Suspenseful Romantic Love story I Could Not Put Down

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