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An Italian café. A barista with an eye for trouble. And a village determined to create as much as possible.

Chiara has presided over the espresso machine at Bar Birbo for as long as anyone can remember. In Santa Lucia, this is the only place to go for a cappuccino served with a side of gossip.

The town’s residents rely on each other and feel almost like a family, but their secrets are kept well hidden.  While romance is in the air for some, the truth behind the love affairs is far more complicated than anyone can imagine. 

When everyone has ulterior motives and unspoken desires, it’s only a matter of time before things finally come to a head.  And unfortunately for the townspeople, the revelations could prove deadly.

Can the residents of Santa Lucia survive the inferno of their own making? 

Fiction & Literature
November 30
Michelle Damiani
StreetLib Srl

Customer Reviews

gweneeth ,

Santa Lucia

Small towns are the same everywhere. On the surface everything seems happy and benign. Scratch the surface and the hidden ugliness begins to appear. Like trying to blame the gays or the Muslims for the fire. Patrizia was right, why didn’t others stand up to the bully. All towns have their kind people as well as the not so kind and many of your characters were kind. Thank you for trying to describe this beautiful town and it’s rich history. G

SF Skater ,

Great read!

Lovely characters & a story that weaves around the town, and each of them.

sometimers3 ,

Santa Lucia

I love Italy so the title of the book is the reason I read it. Interesting characters.

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