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In this collection of five erotic short stories, Joy C. James imagines five scenarios of a young, beautiful woman being seduced into becoming erotically obsessed with someone they absolutely shouldn't - their beautiful female professors. They succumb to their desires, leading to erotic scenes of deviant pleasure.

In 'Professor's Punishment', college professor Jessica Savoy is used to running a tight ship in her class. But college freshman Celia Sinclair has caused her class trouble one time too many. Calling her for a meeting after class, and giving her one more chance to change her rebellious attitude, Celia instead doubles down on her disobedience. This drives Professor Savoy to give Celia a crash course in discipline, submission, obedience, and the erotic pleasure of being instructed in them all by a beautiful older woman. Though Celia is first hesitant, she quickly grows enthralled by the ecstasy of obedience to her professor.

In 'I Must Obey My Professor', beautiful Toni has always been a straight-A student who never got in trouble, but then she finds herself in the college class of Professor Sarah Weller. In a day's time, Toni finds herself in trouble with her gorgeous and enthralling professor. Professor Weller chooses to transform Toni into an obedient and model student in a series of erotically charged scenes that take Toni to the brink of ecstasy and beyond. Can Toni resist, or will she become the obedient and horny servant of Professor Weller's desires?

In 'Slave To The Professor', despite being only a new college student, sexy Selena Matthews seems to think she owns the school. The beautiful and icy Professor Maria Smythe plans to disabuse her of that notion. Over the course of several intensely erotic days, Professor Smythe shows Selena that she doesn't want to be the Queen of the Campus - instead, she wants to show her full submission and lustful obedience towards her beautiful professor.

In 'Submitting To My Professor', the sexy Viola knows that her beautiful, domineering professor only has one thought on her mind - making Viola into her willing, captive sex slave. Luckily, that's exactly Viola's desire as well. Pushing every button she can think of, Viola turns her fantasy into reality when she unleashes her professor's dark and hungry lusts. But has Viola awakened an erotic desire in her professor that will quickly consume her, transforming her into a completely mindless sex slave filled with nothing but a desire to submit to her beautiful professor?

In 'The Problem Professor', Deidre Wise runs the whole academy. She has the whole student and teacher body wrapped around her little finger. Except for one. Professor Erica Falcone. 'The problem professor', who seems to see through Deidre's manipulations and feigned sweetness effortlessly. Deidre can't let that stand. She intends to bring the problem professor to heel by any means possible. But what Deidre doesn't know is that Professor Falcone has some secrets of her own, including the fact that her office is actually a BDSM den of dark perversion and lust. She intends to teach Deidre a lesson she'll never forget - that she's not as clever as she might think, and that she might find it more enjoyable to be submitting to her beautiful professor instead of being queen bee of the academy. Will Deidre be able to resist the enthralling Professor Falcone, or will she find herself falling under the spell that she herself had beguiled so many with?

These five erotic short stories, 21,000 words in all, feature scenes of hardcore lesbian sex, dominance and submission, and more. All participants in these stories are at least eighteen years of age. Mature audiences only.

Fiction & Literature
May 16
Joy C. James
Draft2Digital, LLC

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