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PART 1: More Entertaining Movies, Videos, Audios, and Interactive Q & A Than Any Other SAT® book. Easier and faster to download. Part 1 gives you Coach Morrill's proven secret rules that will make understand the SAT® test sections with confidence. Once you learn these playbook rules you will see how easy it is to apply them in the SAT Playbook Critical Reading Part 2 where Coach Morrill with his humorous audios and movies helps you understand how to apply and break down the SAT sections using his secret rules.  This is a tremendous help for students who want help in finishing the test on time with higher scores.  

COACH MORRILL THINKS GLOBAL - GETS HIGHER SCORES, IN LESS STUDY TIME, FOR LESS MONEY® - A solution to high college costs. OUR STUDENT SCORES MEET OVER 80% of our college honor students, student athletes, and performance artists goals - WHO RECEIVE PARTIAL OR FULL SCHOLARSHIPS because of our proven program that addresses all learning methods - visual, audio, tactile, and interactive.  Join 1000's of our Philadelphia area, USA, and global students for private and online coaching who have previously chosen our proven higher scores, less time, less money® program. 


It's savvy technology holds students attention drawing them into an interactive, colorful, and stimulating experience. Simply kid's laugh and are engaged where normally they are intimidated by traditional test books. 13 notable SAT action movies describing each testing method. 66 proven SAT Playbook Critical Reading® secrets, engaging, and humorous audios. 142 interactive SAT Critical Reading® test Q & A. Participate in global SAT social media chat. 

WHAT ADMINISTRATORS AND ATHLETIC COACHES SHOULD KNOW HOW COACH MORRILL IS UNIQUE FROM HIS OTHER COMPETITORS: Do you want to feel like you've been coached privately? The playbooks are the equivalent of 20 hours of Coach Morrill's private coaching totaling over $2000. Do you play high school sports? Are you involved in the performing arts? Coach Morrill has a sports background and specializes in working with student athletes. His methods for preparing you for the SAT are similar to your boy's and girl's high school athletic teams, summer travel teams, or private lesson performing artist coaches. Those coaches have successful methods in order to prepare you for a championship game or recital - our coaching strategies are similar. Learn our SAT® Playbook® rules, quality practice vs. quantity, understand what you are up against (The SAT® is your opponent), and help you manage your physical, psychological, and emotional approach to taking the test and much more. Also we offer affordable ACT®, ISEE®, SSAT®, GRE®, and GMAT® private and online worldwide coaching. Join Coach Morrill's Global SAT Team today and WIN!

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June 28
Morrill Prep Online LLC
Morrill Prep Online LLC
Grades 9-12

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