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Bestselling author Stephen Coonts took fans by surprise with the phenomenal and heart-pounding tale of Saucer. Now Rip Cantrell and Charley Pine are back for seconds with Saucer: The Conquest.

Rip Cantrell is brought back to give the saucer one last flight. Charley Pine has started flying for a rich French tycoon, and there is believed to be another downed saucer somewhere in the area. Rip can't quite get over the fact that Charley has dumped him. But when push comes to shove Rip and the United States Government are going to go head to head with this crazy Frenchman in trying to be the first to the saucer.

As Stephen Coonts proved in his last outing, there is a great deal of high-flying adventure to be found in the Saucer series. And this one not only promises all the excitement of the last one, but it delivers with much, much more.

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April 1
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

ByDeeJay ,

Stephen Coonts Saucer:The Conquest

I like Stephen Coonts. I've enjoyed several of his books. The fist "Saucer" was a particular favorite so I was excited to see the sequel book, "Saucer: The Conquest."

I was a little disappointed that the book lacked some of the spark of the first one. Nonetheless I enjoyed and I recommend it with one continuing -- but rather large -- reservation.

The book was full of errors. It seemed nearly every page had one or more. I was able to read around these but for $7.99 (that is, this was no $0.99 bargain), such errors are unacceptable. I can handle a grammatical or spelling error here and there but these were epidemic appearing with such frequency that they disturbed my following of the story line. Increasingly these errors came to irk me.

Many errors appeared to have arrived as though the book was scanned in, for example, "the" often came in as "die," which is especially annoying as "die" is a real word and not simply nonsense letters. This error happened many, many times.

Numerous other spelling errors also occurred, such as "atgo" when the author meant to write "to go."

In addition, section breaks (identified by a line or two of all caps) happened with no other break. Good thing for the capitalization or I would not have known where a new plot line started.

It's a shame that easily-corrected errors marred an otherwise decent novel.

This is my first encounter with an error-filled book from iBooks. Though I have become a great enthusiast of eBook reading, this experience now has me more hesitant about buying additional eBooks. It won't stop me but it adds doubt to what had been a marvelous reading experience.

I wonder how many other readers have experienced this kind of sloppy transition from paper books to eBooks.

Suppliers (whomever is responsible for the errors): YOU HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THIS!


Dan Johnson

Plc49 ,

Saucer: The Conquest

The book is well written but
Has many miss-spelled words. The word 'the' is continually spelled 'die'. Other than the spelling errors it was enjoyable.

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