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This is book 1 of the Chained Angels MC romance series! Books 2 and 3 are available everywhere now!

The brat is begging me to put her in her place.

My enemy’s daughter, naked in my bed.

The price of stealing her is high, but the possibilities for what to do with her are endless.

But once I go to war for this girl, she’s mine for good.

So, strap in, baby – it’s about to be a truly savage ride.


I don’t need this right now.

But like it or not, she’s here.

My rival’s daughter.


And stashed in my bedroom as a sick joke by my rebellious right-hand man.

She’s barely clothed, barely conscious…

But very, very tempting.

The curves I can see peeking out from the edges of her tattered clothes are stirring me to life in a way I haven’t felt in years.

I have to remind myself to focus on the job at hand.

Because Spike has gone too damn far this time.

Stealing this girl from the Grave Robbers MC is bound to start a war.

And blood in the streets is the last thing we need.

I didn’t spend all these years building a biker empire just to let my drug-addled VP burn it all to the ground.

But when I go to take Tanner back to the hellhole she came from…

Something in my chest just won’t let me do it.

Maybe it’s just lust.

After all, the thought of taking the girl to bed has been haunting my dreams since the second I first laid eyes on that flawless skin.

Or maybe it’s just greed.

As much as I don’t want war, it always feels good to steal something precious from under the nose of your enemy.

But deep down inside, I know it’s more than those things.

It’s the start of something fiery, something dangerous.

And this girl is about to take my heart on an unexpected ride.


I woke up in a monster’s bedroom.

He was standing in the doorway and staring at me.

All brawny, tattooed, six-and-a-half feet of him.

Those eyes undressed me.

Pierced right through to my soul.

And I know what he saw:

His next victim.

Griz isn’t the type of man to “make love.”

He’s a brutal, savage beast, the kind to make me beg and plead for mercy…

And then to take more just so he can watch me squirm.

So why do I want him so bad?

I should be trying to escape by any means necessary.

But all I can think about is what he’d do if he caught me.

Would he chain me?

Whip me?

Force me to my knees?

God knows what kind of twisted fantasies are lurking behind the outlaw’s gaze.

But if he’s going to claim me, I want him to claim all of me.

I want him to make good on the dark promise his stare suggests every time he strips me down.

If Griz wants me under control, he’d better be ready to break every shred of resistance I have left.

And so I say…

Bring on the chains.

November 7
Sopris Page Press
Sopris Page Press Inc.

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