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He looks at me like he wants to own me. I’m not one to be owned. He’s not one to be denied.

I never understood the draw of the biker scene. In fact, knowing what I did, I hated it. But Pops swore if anyone could keep me protected, it was the Swords of the Infernal Night in New Orleans. A band of supernatural criminals who think women are possessions, if you ask me. And they haven’t kept us safe. Pops is dead, but his murderers are after me, all because my inner kelpie became the first in generations to grow a horn. My name is Reyna Moreno, and yep, I’m a damn unicorn. Which makes me more valuable than the Hope Diamond.

To keep me protected, my brother hauls me off to some gods-forsaken town in Colorado where another SIN chapter “takes us in.” Takes me prisoner is more like it. It wouldn’t be so bad if my sexy as hell warden wasn’t such an ass. And wasn’t only a biker, but one of the MC’s leaders.

He looks at me like he wants to own me. I’m not one to be owned. He’s not one to be denied.

They call him Savage for a reason. He’s a hellhound and a savage beast. And he would be my undoing . . . but maybe I could be his salvation.

Welcome to the darker, sexier side of Havenwood Falls that many residents never speak of publicly, but most likely enjoy in secret. Venture into the SIN MC, the VIP rooms of Silk nightclub, and behind other closed doors, where you’ll discover passion, unusual penchants, and just how far some will go for love. Hold on to your panties, because it’s time to ride. 

This is a stand-alone steamy paranormal romance in the Havenwood Falls shared world, a collaborative effort by multiple authors across multiple series, allowing readers to discover new authors and stories to fall in love with. Each author brings a stand-alone plotline, so they can be read in any order, but there are many crossovers among the stories.

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Short Story Anthology 2018

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January 18
Ang'dora Productions, LLC
Angdora Productions, LLC

Customer Reviews

Kj Victorine ,

Imprinted in my Heart

Wow what a ride, bikers I like! Savage is hot hot hot! And Reyna gives as good as she gets. I loved this story, It was action packed, had lots of hot sex, and so much more. I could not put it down. Kristie Cook is a master author drawing you in to imprint her stories in your heart and soul. Great job miss cook!

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