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How can she forgive him for what he didn't do? 

Photographer Izzy Cooper feels as frozen as her pictures. Trent Palmer might be the hottest firefighter in Templeton Cove, but she can never face him again. Not after he failed to save her brother. But when they're forced together by a calendar shoot, the sparks between them are undeniable. 

Izzy knows it's not fair to blame Trent for the tragedy, but opening herself up to loss again isn't something she's prepared to do, no matter how determined Trent is to show her that pain is part of life and that love—their love—can make any suffering bearable.

November 1
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GmaLeena ,

Hold On To What You Have

Izzy lost her brother in an explosion at the garage where he worked. She knew the reports said he died instantly from a beam and not the fire, she had to put blame somewhere. So she blamed his best friend Trent for not getting there in time to save Robbie. Trent is a firefighter and he and Izzy had just started seeing each other before Robbie's death. Ever since then she's closed herself off to the world, blocking every attempt Trent has tried to not only help her, but be there for her. It's the same for her best friend Kate. Then she gets not one but two art galleries interested in showcasing her photography work, one in her home town of Templeton Cove, the other is in the city and is partially owned by the famous game show host Richard Crawley.
Trent has always loved Izzy, he tried for 4 years before Robbie's death to finally get up the courage to ask her out. When he finally did, he was on top of the world, and after Robbie's death when Izzy shut him out, it crushed him. He will do whatever it takes to bring the old Izzy back, even if it means he can only just be her friend. When Richard Crawley comes to town for the firefighter catalog shoot that she's photographing, he's instantaneously jealous of the smiles and easy way Izzy seems to be when she's around him.
What is Izzy going to do? Stay with the local gallery and see her brothers memory everywhere she turns? Or start fresh in the city? But will going to the city mean she'll lose Trent too? Will Trent just let her go and have to face the fact that they both have to move forward without each other? Or would he be here waiting for her to finally return home to him and the love they share? Will Izzy ever be able to love him completely as long as he's a firefighter, or will that ultimately keep them apart? You'll have to read SAVED BY THE FIREFIGHTER to find out!
This is not only the first Templeton Cove story I've read, but the first of Rachel Brimble's books as well. This story has me itching to see what I've missed in the previous first 5 books. With that being said, I do not feel as though I've missed something or there's a big black hole of missing information by reading this as a standalone story before reading the others. All of the Templeton Cove Stories can be read as standalone books, but they flow together and tell a story about the town and the people who live in the Cove. This proved to be a very emotional story, it'll have you biting your nails trying to figure out what's going to happen next, but it'll DEFINITELY be worth the time you take to read it. I received an ARC via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest blog tour review. Due to sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 16 and older.
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