Saving a Legend Saving a Legend
Book 2 - Kavanagh Legends

Saving a Legend

A Kavanagh Legends Novel

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Publisher Description

Praised by Penelope Ward as “a unique story line with multiple layers to it,” Sarah Robinson’s Saving a Legend goes another round with the brooding Kavanagh brothers: MMA fighters who won’t call it quits in the ring, or in romance.

His family’s gym has produced a roster of mixed martial arts legends, but so far Kieran Kavanagh hasn’t followed in their footsteps. After a brawl lands him in jail, Kieran is assigned to work at a center for at-risk youth. Though given a second chance, Kieran’s simply going through the motions—until he meets one very special kid, Shea Doherty, and falls hard for her very beautiful, very grown-up big sister, Fiona. The trouble is, Kieran’s best opening moves are getting him nowhere fast.

Fiona Doherty has too many responsibilities to fool around, especially now that she has custody of Shea. Sure, she’d love to find a devoted partner. But she won’t jeopardize her sister’s happiness—or risk revealing her tortured past—on a love-’em-and-leave-’em type of guy like Kieran . . . so it’s up to him to prove her wrong. As Fiona spends more time with Kieran, she starts to see a softer side of the reckless warrior. Now she must admit that when it comes to the possibility of real love, well . . . there’s a fighting chance.

Praise for Saving a Legend

Saving a Legend is a deep and moving story about family, acceptance, and love. Plus those Kavanaghs really know how to make a girl swoon.”New York Times bestselling author Katy Evans

“I devoured this book from the first word to the last. I didn’t want it to end! Kieran is the epitome of what every woman looks for in a man.”New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker

"Sarah Robinson makes me ache to be part of the Kavanaugh family. Saving A Legend is a rich, emotional, and sexy story with strong characters who fight for the love they deserve."—HelenKay Dimon, author of Mr. and Mr. Smith

“I fell head over heels for Kieran, Fiona, Shea, and the Kavanaghs!”—Serena Bell, USA Today bestselling author of the Returning Home series

“Sarah Robinson delivers another knockout in the Kavanagh series with a gripping story of redemption, survival, and love. What more could you ask for? I can’t wait until the next book!”—Sophia Henry, author of the Pilots Hockey series

“Another enjoyable read . . . I couldn’t get enough of the Kavanagh family.”—Under the Covers Book Blog

Saving a Legend was more than a love story. It was a story compassion, family strength, forgiveness, and acceptance. Sarah Robinson did a magnificent job . . . I can’t wait to see what comes next.”—Smut Book Junkie

“I’m so excited to read more about this family. If I was on the fence to start with, I’m definitely all in after reading this one.”—The Romance Factor

“Sarah Robinson once again wrote an incredible story with even more incredible characters.”—Collectors

“Well done, Sarah Robinson. . .This story was sexy and humorous and truthful. . . . It’s about trust and hope, facing challenges, accepting pasts and moving forward, but most of all, it is about hope.”—OMG Reads

“With this second book, I find myself even more emotionally invested in the Kavanagh family and their stories.”—Dog-Eared Daydreams
Includes a special message from the editor, as well as an excerpt from another Loveswept title.

June 14
Random House Publishing Group
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Mom's Cooking The Books ,


This is the first book I have read by Sarah Robinson and it won’t be my last! This book was a sweet romance between two people that don’t feel worthy of the love of a good partner because of their pasts.

Sarah Robinson did an amazing job of telling a story of the struggles of a selfless young woman taking care of her autistic 8-year-old sister after the death of her mother. Fiona works hard at the flower shop that she owns and tries to make ends meet between making her monthly payments on her business and putting a roof over her family’s head. Fiona struggles with her guardianship of her sister as the lines are blurred between providing a mother figure for Shea and being a sister. Fiona loves her sister fiercely and would do anything for her. She wants to badly to put Shea in a private school that would provide the necessary education for Shea and her special needs, but her income does not allow for this, so she works hard at providing a stable and loving environment the best that she can.

Fiona has trust issues with men as her own father walked out when Shea was born. Her mother left Fiona to take care of Shea as she went from relationship to relationship. Her mother’s last relationship was the worst. Fiona’s stepfather was abusive to her mother and eventually one night killed her mother and was going to kill Shea, but Fiona intervened to save her sister and she ended up accidentally killing her stepfather. This has haunted Fiona. She feels responsible for her mother’s death, as she felt she should have been home to help with Shea on the night her mother was killed. Fiona has kept this secret from everyone except her best friend, Nora.

Kieran comes from a wonderful loving Irish family that is very close and is in your personal business. Kieran was a great MMA fighter at one time, but he felt there were too many restrictions, so he took to street fighting and landed himself in prison for two years. Kieran grew up while in prison and knew he wanted to start a new life. A life that would make his family proud and to make himself proud again.

Fiona is surprised at her reaction to this extremely handsome and sexy man that comes into her flower shop to buy flowers for his mother for their weekly family dinner. Kieran feels like he has lost some of his game after being in prison for two years, but he ends up charming Fiona. He asks her out, but she told him she doesn’t date, but he doesn’t take no for an answer and said he would see her again and she could give him her answer then.

Fate had in store for them other ideas as their paths crossed a few more times and they couldn’t deny the strong pull they had for each other. Fiona tried hard to deny her attraction to Kieran, but finally gave in after Kieran was working with Shea as part of his community service at the Youth Center that Nora worked at. Fiona was amazed at how Kieran was so gentle and a natural with Shea and her heart melted. The chemistry was off the charts for these two. They saw no one but each other.

I am not going to give anymore away as you need to read this beautiful love story that shows that there can be second chances if you open your heart. That there is a chance at forgiveness of yourself and others. That the love of your family and friends is crucial and that it really does take a village to raise a child.

I highly recommend this book; you won’t be disappointed.

Cath_87 ,

This book is beyond fabulous!!

This book captured my attention from the beginning. Even though this is the second book in this series it could be a stand alone, but that dynamics of the Kavanagh family will leave you wanting to read every book. This book is beyond fabulous. The way Sarah Robinson brought to light autism was touching. Having an autistic nephew I understood Shae's quirks and the struggles that Fiona had.
You will want to mark This series as a must read. Good storyline, characters are intriguing, and the passion they share are very steamy. :)

Stanhop3234 ,

Really good!

What I love most about this series is the Kavanagh family its self. They all are good but flawed people. They love each other fiercely, they are pillars of the community and are a well known MMA fighting family of ledgens. This book spy enters around Kieran the so called black sheep of the family. Making some seriously bad decisions he lands in jail for two years. Now out he want nothing more then to be the man his parents raised him to be. Two days out he meets Fiona now there's nothing he won't do to get to know her better. They both have baggage in the past and present to deal with and know they don't deserve the life that dangles in front of them. But they so desperately want it anyway. Secrets kept hidden and insecurities may just be the end to their dreams.
Sarah Robinson has done a great job at introduceing a autistic child and the life they lead. Shea, Fiona's sister is a sweet and smart child even with all her difficulties.
I highly recommend this series and book. I'm looking forward to Kane's book which is the next in the series.

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