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Inexperienced pilot Jessamyn flies to Earth to steal food for the human Mars Colony at a time when Earth-Mars relations couldn’t be worse. When Jess’s brother is captured, she must choose: rescue her brother or save her planet?

Young Adult
August 3
Williams Press
Cidney Swanson

Customer Reviews

?Smoke15 ,

Brave & True

Good sci-fi read! If you love sci-fi as I do, you will love this book. I would love to be a pioneer space traveler living on the moon or Mars!

Gary LaPointe ,

One of my favorite heroines ever! This is the first book in one of my favorite series!

How to best to describe our heroine Jessamyn? Picture a younger Han Solo at the flight academy doing what he thinks is right when flying his ship, a little difficult with authority but a great pilot doing what needs to be done (and getting in trouble for it too) and that's probably a pretty good description of Jess's character (less fights and shooting though).

It's a little ways in the future, Mars isn't in contact with Earth any more, but they still need to get some supplies. Two different societies and Jess is right in the middle of it all trying to save Mars.

Earth society has changed and not for the better and our main villain is Chancellor Lucca and she puts Cruella DeVille (from 101 Dalmations) to shame! The Chancellor is also Pavel's (Jessamyn's love interest) aunt so it makes everything a little more complicated….

She’s still writing these books and I can’t wait for the next installment!

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