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Simarrah is a beautiful, peaceful, happy land, full of happy people who love food and music, celebrations and gossip – that is until the evil witch Afritha, spawn of Ahrimn, invades it to capture the last living Prince of Faery, who according to prophecy is the only one standing between her and her quest for immortality. (She is a bit obsessive about wanting to live forever.)
Soon Simarrah is covered by the veil of Ahrimn’s dark powers, and only Firdoz the strange, crazy hermit has the answers. Simarrahns are not warriors; Prince Valias' friends need to gather a mighty army from among the strange inhabitants of the surrounding realms to destroy Afritha and save their friend. But, will greedy dwarfs agree to fight alongside wicked trolls and noble faeries? Will the DragonMaster agree to lend his wind warriors? And will the mighty Rhinary fighters get along with the human/beast warriors of Sar El Mash? Will the traitor Ravonn undo their effort even before it has begun? Under Firdoz' leadership, extraordinary warriors from strange lands engage in a spectacular epic battle against Afritha’s unholy army led by the much feared Lord Dreath.
Meanwhile, Yahnni, an acolyte at The Temple of the Faithful in Simarrah, and the weird teenage witch Poppadom Schmuckle (at this point, more like a very reluctant witch-in-training) must find and retrieve the magical dagger Khanzaar, which is the only weapon that can destroy Afritha, and carry it to the Prince before the magical Time of the Moons. Poppadom’s magic is a bit iffy as her witchmaster Ma Trumble has not been able to get the silly girl to pay attention to her spells.
In her castle, beautiful, wicked Afritha has cast a spell on the captured Prince, who wishes to forever stay by her side and enjoy the pleasures her kingdom offers. Will he come to his senses, and destroy her and the magical hold she has over him?
The Night of the Moons is a time of mystery and destiny. It could unleash the evil sorcerer Jaduvan upon the worlds unless crazy old Firdoz is able to vanquish him.
Will our heroes prove successful on the battlefield as well as in the dark recesses of magic? Or will Ahrimn have the last laugh?

Young Adult
January 21
M Tarkh
Smashwords, Inc.