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This book is a simple, straightforward and affordable guide on how to cope with Panic Attacks. 'Say Goodbye to Panic Attacks' evolved as a common sense, step by step approach to personal dilemmas that can happen to anyone, at anytime during their lifetime. It was created by practising psychotherapists whose aim is to reach as many people as possible and help them to empower themselves.

  This book is designed to help the reader build up their own skills and in doing so enable them to use their own talents to deal with what is presently causing problems in their life. The strategies outlined in this book can be used by anyone as needed throughout their life regardless of gender, culture, religion, political affiliations, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

  However, we stress that this book is not an alternative to prescribed medication, nor is it designed to replace medical interventions, but rather to augment them. It was written as if the counsellors are engaging on a one to one basis with the reader and addressing their issues, the individual is provided with the tools they need, in a clear no nonsense fashion. This book is intentionally brief and concise for the convenience of the reader. 

  In the case of a relapse or in stressful times the reader can simply pick up this aid once again and repeat the step by step process. 

 ‘An excellent primer for anyone who experiences panic attacks as well as for the ones who have to deal with them – informative, practical, reassuring!’

Dr. Francis Valloor, Clinical Psychologist and Director of De Mello Institute, Dublin.

This is a cost effective, readily available, therapeutic solution for busy people leading busy lives. Hopefully this book can empower you to take control of your life.

A quote from the authors ..

"From our life experience, both personal and professional, and through our counselling we recognised the need for readily available empowerment books.This book is specifically designed as a single problem, solution based,

step by step approach which you can incorporate into your everyday life."

The Authors are both life long friends.

Dr Phil Robert, Ph.D., B.A., M.A., H. Dip in Ed., Dip in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. Born in Dublin, Phil is a practicing clinician.

Mariad Burke B.Sc and Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling. Born in Dublin, Mariad is also a practising clinician.

'Say Goodbye To Panic Attacks' is also available in hard copy or audio formats, for further information on the book, the authors or other titles within the Empower Yourself Series please visit www.burkerobertpublishing.com

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August 1
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