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Internationally acclaimed integrative medical oncologist James W. Forsythe, M.D., H.M.D., has praised Diana Warren for courage and tenacity in her arduous battle against Stage II breast cancer. Doctor Forsythe insists that “Diana deserves kudos from people around the world, for refusing to subject her body to unnecessary standard chemo and radiation that allopathic oncologists kept trying to require her to endure.” Featured in many hot-selling books written by others including media personality Suzanne Somers, and also the author of many successful books himself, Doctor Forsythe has hailed Diana for her dogged determination amid a non-stop quest to find effective natural, non-toxic treatments as her health deteriorated, while also hunting for an experienced doctor licensed to avoid high-dose poisonous options. “I strongly recommend that everyone who suffers from cancer read Diana’s compelling tale,” Doctor Forsythe said. “Today, Diana is playing a formidable role in helping to lead the way as a true champion in a quest to inform the public of the urgent need to avoid toxic treatments when feasible in certain circumstances, and how to find acceptable natural remedies—plus the importance of avoiding ‘standard-of-care’ chemo and radiation when under the care and guidance of a qualified, licensed medical professional.” After reading many hundreds of books on cancer, Doctor Forsythe hails Diana’s publication as being “by far among the best from the viewpoint of a person who never attended medical school. Readers undoubtedly will benefit when learning of the exceptional example Diana has set for us all.”

Health, Mind & Body
November 17
Diana Warren
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Willowct ,

Say no to radiation & conventional chemo

The best story of a woman's fight to live and going against Standard of Care. I cried, laughed and was surprised by the path she discovered. A must read before anyone has radiation and or chemo!!!!

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