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Alexis Moore is between a rock and a hard place. Literally.

After her car wraps itself around a tree (blame Dora, the GPS), Alexis is looking for shelter in the woods. While running from plenty of sinister things, she runs smack into the most dangerous thing in these woods—a wild man, no less.

Okay, so he isn’t exactly wild. He lives in the woods; is built like an oak; has long, luxurious hair; a killer beard and too many abs to count. The only thing standing between Alexis’ lust and his modesty is a tiny towel wrapped around his sinful body. 

Somebody needs to save this guy.

Not a chance in hell.

Noah Harris doesn’t need too much persuasion to offer his beguiling guest a bed—his bed, for the night; although, there isn’t much sleeping involved. 

In the light of the day, things get even more convoluted. But nothing is going to stop Noah from claiming this gorgeous wood nymph for himself . . . and his best friends, Mason and Logan. Alexis is in for one of hell of a debauched ride, to say the least.

But Alexis is weary of love and commitment. A lifetime of neglect and distrust is a hard habit to break. Will she learn to trust Noah and take a leap of faith into the future, or will she be relegated to a lifetime of loneliness?

Will Alexis say yes?

This is the first book in the Their Command Series by Linzi Basset.

October 18
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

BusyMamaOfTwo ,

Say Yes

What a way to start the series!! It has a great storyline which will leave you wanting more.

BaharaJr ,

The book is worthy of your time.

I have read the first part of the series and I can surely tell you it feels like the best movie I ever watched only that it is a book I read. It's already one of my favorite books of all times for anyone who loves 'love and romance books'.

SandraD82 ,

Jump in with both feet

Amazingly fast paced book with lots of juicy bits. I couldn’t stop once I started. I can’t wait to read the next one!

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