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Second Life by Linden Lab is the only online virtual world where you can make real money by simply playing. It is primarily user-generated content and what makes this virtual world different is how creator users keep intellectual property rights on their creations and sell them. Additionally, Linden Lab provides an exchange where users can buy and sell the in-world currency for real legal tender. Because of this many Second Life users start very real businesses in this virtual world and are making very real cash.

SBSL Best Practices is not a "get rich quick" recipe or even a how-to on using Second Life or building in world creations. However, it is a deep study of what works well and what does't in Second Life and how retail business merchants are affected by the very technology that supports their efforts.

Six years of real experience in running highly successful businesses in Second Life (one of which making the Linden Lab top 500) are wrapped-up in these pages with a serious look at how a Second Life business person can exploit specific technological idiosyncrasies to maximize sales and quickly become successful enough to pay for that real world summer vacation if you take the counter-intuitive to heart. For example:

Your Second Life retail location should be in a low traffic area.

Your vendor textures need to be as low resolution as possible.

Sell four separate products off a single texture upload.

Entrance to your retail space should always face west.

Don't use vendor images to sell your product.

Display your sales boxes up to 32 times faster than everyone else's.

For the uninitiated, this list may not make much sense. However, for someone who has used Second Life for as little as a week will know exactly what all these terms mean and the answers are here.

Successful Business in Second Life Best Practices is written for the Second Life user wanting to start or grow an in world business exponentially as fast as possible and start making some real money in the process, even if it's only to get their Second Life lifestyle to pay for itself on a Premium account.

Don't be mistaken, it's hard work and not a replacement for your day job. However, follow the path down which the information in this book leads and your earning real money is assured.

NOTE: Neither the author or this book is affiliated with Linden Lab. Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Lab.

Computers & Internet
July 1
Pixietale Studios
Ron Andrade

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