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After building a trading empire, establishing Whiskey River, and charming most of the females south of the Pedernales, Ronan "Booze" Kelly finds himself restless. Until his idea to start a ranch leads him to widowed rancher Marguerite McMasters. The Tejana beauty claims she’ll never sell her land—or succumb to the fiery connection between them.

Marguerite will let nothing stop her from realizing her dream of running a horse-breeding ranch—not lack of money, and certainly not her strong attraction to Booze Kelly. Much as she misses a man’s embrace, a schoolmarm can’t risk everything she has for him.

But there’s nothing Booze loves more than a challenge, whether it’s a new enterprise to begin—or a lady to beguile. Despite her convictions, can Marguerite continue to resist Booze—or will Booze be exactly what she never knew she was missing?

May 16
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

BookSnuggle ,

Whiskey River

"Scandal with the Rancher" by Julia Justiss is a historical romance that tells the history of Whiskey River.

I loved the Whiskey River series. This was a great way to see how it all began. This is Ronan "Booze" Kelly and widowed rancher Marguerite McMasters' story.

Booze is not the settling down type of guy. Marguerite is working as a school teacher. She will not sell her land. But how far will she go so she so she can make payments on her land? There is intense chemistry and attraction between them. You will enjoy their adventure in starting Whiskey River.

I received a copy of this book for a honest review. FYI, includes mature content.

Jean Boehmke ,

Scandal with the Rancher

I enjoyed this historical romance. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that towards the end I sacrificed sleep just to get to the ending.
Ronan "Booze" Kelly is used to getting what he wants. He is very powerful, but a known womanizer. Marguerite is a widowed school teacher just trying to keep the land that she and her husband purchased before his death.
There was instant chemistry and attraction between them, but Marguerite couldn't act on it becuase she had the school board in Whiskey River to answer to if she was found doing anything inappropriate. There weren't a lot of secondary characters that played much of a role, except for one trouble maker of a woman who's ego and attitude is bigger than the state of Texas, and she was good at manipulating and bullying the town and her husband. She definitely added tension and drama to the story, even if I wanted to push her off a cliff..
These are the kinds of stories that remind me of why I like historical romances. They are about a simpler time (not easier time, just less technology).

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