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Get a glimpse into the Happily Ever Afters of three beloved couples from the Scandalous Ballroom Encounters series. Christmas is upon them, and while the holiday will bring festivities, family, and cheer, it will also bring its share of conflict. These 3 erotic follow-up stories show that passion, love, and scandal don't end after the wedding.

Part One: Submitting to the Marchioness (M/F BDSM)

Lord Simon Fitzwilliam, Marquis of Ashton and his wife, Sophie, have an arrangement that works well for them. As a Dominant, he has found in her his perfect mate as well as the consummate submissive. But when the notion of switching roles for one night is brought to the table, Simon will wrestle with his past and the fears holding him back from a deeper connection with his wife. Can a lifelong Master find the strength to fall to his knees for the woman he loves?

Part Two: Binding His Bride (M/F Bondage)

Sinclair Clayton and his bride Lydia are enjoying the honeymoon phase of their new union. Or, at least Lydia thought they were. When it seems her new husband has grown cold, she sets out to find out why and stoke his desire for her once more. Little does she know that her husband has surprising plans of his own …

Part Three: Their Christmas Scandal (MFM Menage)

Lady Penelope Ingham has found true happiness in her secret, unconventional marriage to two men. Lord Edmond Ingham and Captain Colin Worthing have filled her life with laughter, joy, and family, proving that love is better suited for three than two. While no one outside their household can ever know about their union, they are perfectly content with the way things are. However, a scandalous incident at a Christmas dinner party involving Colin may prove enough to tear them apart.

November 23
Victoria Vale
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Tiger&Cuddles ,

“A” Game for Victoria

By far my favorite book so far! I don’t know how Mistress Vicki continues to wow me. Her mind and thought process blows me away and each time I think she can’t out do a book she proves me wrong. Love, love, love Penelope, Edwin and Collin books ❤️

Gallowaygirly ,

Still in love

*A Christmas Submission - The story of Simon and Sophie continues. Sophie is still the submissive to Simon but she has had thoughts of being the dominant partner at least once. Because of the sexual abuse Simon suffered at the hands of his guardian, who was his uncle, he can not physically tolerate submitting to another person. Because of excellent advise from a dear friend, he comes to see Sophie’s need along with the realization that she would never hurt or humiliate him. There is a wonderful outcome at the end of this story. This is an excellent read and hopefully not the end of their story.
*Binding His Bride - I love the continuation of Sinclair and Lydia’s story. Lydia is pregnant and Sinclair, who is afraid he will hurt her and the baby she is carrying, has reframed from sex. His first wife put these thoughts in his head to keep him out of her bed. Amelia and Michael convinced him that this was not true and he needed to get her to understand why he acted as he did. There is a happy ending but a lot happens between them first. This is a great story but please don’t let it be the end of their story. I especially like the first part of this story when he walks in on Michael tied to a chair and he misunderstands and try to help, this was a riot of laughs for me.
*Their Scandalous Christmas - As far as Penelope is concerned she has two husbands, Edmond and Colin, even though she has been legally married only to Edmond for the past seven years. Their relationship and interaction with each other and their children are the main part of this story. A young debutante tries to compromise Colin into marrying her but fails.
All three of the above stories revolve around the strong relationships that are evident between each of these couples. The love they share, both emotional and sexual, is very strong and vividly described in these writings. These are great stories, wonderfully written and I would highly recommend this book as a great read as I know you will not be disappointed.

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