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From USA Today bestselling author Willow Winters comes the conclusion to the Damaged duet, an emotionally gripping romantic suspense. 

All I can remember are our wedding vows. 

Through all the lies and secrets that have damaged our marriage, I keep coming back to the words we spoke on that day, when we loved each other so deeply. 

The memory only makes the pain in my heart more agonizing.  That day I loved him, but I swear I love him more today, even as I shut the door and walk away from him.  I can’t live with the lies and only he can make this right. 

Even though I know our marriage is scarred forever, it doesn’t change the vows we shared. 

I promise to love you forever.  And that’s the easy part.

To honor and cherish you.

To keep your wishes and dreams my own.

To comfort you and keep you safe, always.

Till death do us part.

December 5
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

VL1979 ,

Love it

This book was an emotional roller coaster. Evan & Kat belong together but secrets are destroying their marriage. Evan, ugh where to I begin, you want to like him but his lies and how much he is hurting Kat drove me insane but I get where he is coming from to keep her safe. Kat, she loves Evan with everything she has and it’s just heartbreaking to read what she is going through. Evan will do anything to keep his wife but will she be tempted by the sweet talking Jake? Interesting story that will definitely have you reading in one sitting.

Rainynite902 ,


An emotional roller coaster and a true page turner that I couldn’t put down.

Szmoromou ,

I’m nothing without you

Scarred picks up where Damaged left us, a heart broken Kat and lost Evan. Evan is determined to get to the bottom of who is trying to frame him for murder, but in the process he has to distance himself from the love of his life, his soul mate, his everything, Kat. It's easier said than done. All he wants is to wrap himself up in Kat and forget the world, but the nightmares that torture him every night of Kat dead, laying in her own pool of blood because of him is enough to keep him away.
Kat is done, so she says. She has had enough of Evan's games but as much as she says it is over, all she longs is for her husband back. Lonely, Kat turns to another man for comfort even though she knows it is wrong. Although this man makes her feel desired and wanted, she just can't get Evan out of her mind. She doesn't understand how Evan has thrown her away even after he claims to love her and thrilled about the child she is carrying. She starts to blame herself for pushing him away.
Evan can't take being apart from Kat and finally tells her why he has been staying away? Can the truth set Evan free and help him reclaim his life with Kat? Will Kat be able to forgive Evan for everything he has put her through? Will the real person responsible for Tony's death be brought to justice?
Scarred is filled with secrets, deceit, danger, and true love. Evan and Kat's love for each other is endless. Even in the mist of their worst moments, they can't stop thinking, loving, defending and fighting for each other. Willow Winters wrote a gut wrenching love story that shows just how much true love can endure and conquer. Evan and Kat have become one of my ultimate favorite couples. Well done Willow, well done!

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