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Tally Jones is right at home with ice cream, but the cold-blooded competition of academia is out of her depth. 

When her smarty-pants niece Alice discovers the body of a graduate student at a college Honor’s Day event, suspicion falls on the professor accused of sexually harassing him. But just a few days later, she, too, is found dead.  

Bodies are piling up in Dalliance faster than a house afire, and Tally has to put her responsibilities at Remember the A-la-mode on hold to clear the professor’s name. Doing so plunges her into a world of petty rivalries, academic dishonesty, and a sprinkle of adultery. 

When Alice stumbles a little too close to a killer, Tally steps it up to prevent any more bloodshed.

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SCOOP TO KILL by Wendy Lyn Watson | A Henery Press Mystery. If you like one, you’ll probably like them all.


Scoop to Kill is a must-read for anyone who loves cozy mysteries. It’s well-paced, cleverly plotted, and beautifully written.” — The Season

Author Bio:  

Despite some serious temptation, the only thing Wendy Lyn Watson has killed so far is a pint of ice cream. Well, pints. Plural. A lot of them. 

When she isn’t tasting her way from chai ginger chip to balsamic strawberry to Mexican vanilla, Wendy teaches American government and constitutional law to college students. She lives in a completely neglected historic home in North Texas with the most patient man in the world and the Tabby Congress (Tiberius, Blaze, and Squeak-a-Doodle). Between teaching, writing, volunteering with the Modified Dolls, and more, life is busy but the cherry on every single sundae.

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