Scoring His Heart

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Zoe Logan has always believed that those she loves will always leave her. It's why she fights so hard against anyone getting close, but when sexy defense Gavin Ferrara zeroes in on her, she finds herself falling hard and exploring the hidden parts of herself that he brings out in her.

Gavin’s always trusted that playing hockey is the most important thing to him. But when a strange encounter from months ago leads to more between him and the local bar owner’s daughter, he’s torn between what he wants and what’s best.

WARNING: This book contains a threesome hot enough to scorch the sheets, a dirty talking Russian, a bisexual Italian, the college virgin who brings both of them to their knees, and the best anatomy and physiology study session ever.

Reading order of this series:
• O Christmas Three, #0.5

• Off Her Game, #1

• Heart and Snow, #2

• Scoring His Heart, #3

March 17
Soaring Phoenix Press
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Customer Reviews

awog ,

Really sweet and hot book!

Zoe Logan has been crushing on Gavin Ferrera for a while now. The story opens with her getting the first of several shock to come. She catches Gavin in her father's office kissing his best friend!

Gavin is confused because he has started to feel more for his roommate and best friend. He has no problem living men and women and does not consider that the problem. Now, all of a sudden he is also having fantasies about the bar owner's daughter, Zoe.

Zoe is confused when Gavin asks her out since she thought he was into guys. After all, she saw him kissing his best friend. Very much a GUY! She wants to believe that he has feelings for her, but Gavin has been with a lot of women. Why would he want innocent her?

Gavin has a lot going on in his life right now. This thing with his roommate, the hockey season, his family and most of all his niece. Now he is side-tracked by the lovely Zoe and how he cannot seem to stay away from her.

Zoe has a lot going on herself. School, her mom sudden re-appearance into her life, this weird thing going on with Gavin and of course the question of whether she will do anything about any of those.
Gavin and Zoe actually have quite a bit of heat among them. The air literally crackles when they are in the same room. Others are starting to notice and his roommate wants to try her too! Is it disloyal to say he wants her all to himself?

There is so much going on in this book. The characters gain perspective and learn a lot about love and friendship. I was delighted with how pleasant that was handled. This series is a definite must read if you like steamy scenes and hawt guys! This book is 3rd in the Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey series.

***This ARC copy was given FREE for review purposes from and the publisher. My honest opinion does not reflect those of Netgalley, nor its affiliates.

Cheryl SDS ,

Love those sexy hockey players!

4.5 Stars

Zoe Logan, 19, works at her dad's bar and goes to college. She's always had the hots for hockey player Gavin Ferrara. One night she walks in o him and his best friend Misha, also a hockey player, in her dad's office. They were kissing. She thought Gavin liked her, not his best friend. Seeing them kissing was kind of sexy and she envied their passion. Four months later she never would have thought that one of them would ask her out.

This is a sexy sports romance. Misha and Gavin are off the charts HOT! I thought that maybe the story would turn out different with the way Gavin pursued Zoe, but I was pleasantly surprised with the final direction. There is a sadness in Misha that makes you want to hold him until he feels wanted. Zoe was a little bit of a surprise. She was supposed to be a virgin but certainly didn't behave like one. The story line regarding Zoe's mother kind of felt like a filler. It happened and was over so quick. Regardless, this is a great sports romance and I can't wait to read more of the Texas Highlanders Ice Hockey series.

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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