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In Scorpions for Breakfast, Jan Brewer, America’s toughest governor and one of the most popular conservative political figures in the nation today, proudly defends her embattled state of Arizona and challenges President Obama to do his job and keep our border safe. Unfairly tarred by liberal critics as a state comprised of racist rednecks, Arizona is on the front lines in the battle against illegal immigration—and the courageous stand of its leader, a national hero who’s been called so tough that she “eats scorpions for breakfast,” will educate and inspire Americans from coast to coast.

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November 1
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Customer Reviews

Th1776jeff ,

Educational Governmental Ignorance

This particular state Governor has evolved into a true American beacon of light that still believes that America and her experiment is indeed special. And she will not apologize for being 'special' and exceptional.

We are loosing our special identity because of a liberal value system has replaced our rightful historical God-gives conservative destiny.

People like Jan Brewer are resurrecting a call to 'stir up the gift 'within all of us, lest we become a Roman Empire copycat.

glasgowc ,

Great read!

This is a great book! Very clear and easy to understand. It will give you the straight info on SB 1070. I now better understand the plight of Arizona. This book explains the Feds reasons for suing Arizona over SB1070 and just how insane that conflict is. Illegal immigration and union involvement is clearly explained. Excellent book! A must read if you love America.

Rainman6308 ,

A Must Read

I heard of this book listening to talk radio. Wow what a story of how woman who has more compassion than 100 Americans takes on Washington as well as those that live in her own State. I truly enjoyed reading this book and encourage anyone who wants to know the real truth about our Federal Government and what they ARE NOT doing to secure our boarders please read this book. Jan Brewer we are supporting your efforts, keep up the good FIGHT...