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Scott Ryan’s debut collection of 20 short stories explores the author’s own everyday misadventures of living in modern day America. From the trials and tribulations of corporate office jobs to parenting, Scott Luck Stories will leave the reader laughing out loud while following Ryan’s hilarious and offbeat insights into life’s unpredictable and absurd twists of fate. Based on the podcast of the same name, Scott Luck Stories have been rewritten for publication and deliver comedy gold while revealing a more poignant undercurrent that delves into the nature of family, relationships, and how we choose to live our lives.

Readers will find delight in this short story collection’s sage advice, whether it comes from a fast food chain or the bottom of a dirty diaper, inspiring them to see the upside of just about any situation be it a traffic jam or a job interview from hell. Contemporary and straightforward in tone, Scott Luck Stories are tales we can all relate to, yet it takes a gifted storyteller to reveal the humor that life’s worst and best moments deliver 365 days a year.

November 2
Scott Ryan
Scott Ryan

Customer Reviews

PXC Runner ,

A Great Read

This compilation of unique stories are told through a humorous viewpoint that left me laughing numerous times. With a bunch of short stories this book is perfect for a quick read in the car or a great way to pass the time in the waiting room. Each story offers a blend of humor, outrageousness, and some insight into the life of a stay-at-home, corporate America executive, down to Earth man whose stories are so crazy it's hard to believe they are true stories.

HarryinChicago ,

Loved it! Humorous tales of family and work

This is a truly remarkable collection of essays. Scott Ryan captures the indignities of modern work, family life and social interactions with great humor and insight. This work stands up next to collections of better known humorists such as Lewis Black. You will not regret this purchase. Enjoy.

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