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Clarice has given up on love...

Unfortunately, she still has a romance novel to write.

After dumping her cheating boyfriend, Clarice's career as a romance novelist is hanging in the balance. Her deadline is looming, and inspiration is thin. A retreat to the secluded Isle of Skye is supposed to be the answer to her woes, and indeed it is.

So is rugged Scot, Derek, whose holiday cottage she has rented. She admires him from afar and allows him to become her muse. But there is something off about him. He hides a secret she could have never guessed at.

Derek's bear recognizes his mate…

Even if their romance is forbidden.

Derek McMillan is used to keeping to himself. That's what bear shifters do: they live on the fringes of human society, without ever revealing themselves. Clarice's arrival brings with it serious challenges. He can't stop thinking about her. Every fiber in his body tells him she is meant to be his. But she's human, so their love is doomed from the start.

Can he control his urges, and keep his secrets, until she leaves for home?

If you like T.S. Joyce, Zoe Chant and Scarlett Grove, then you will love this first installment to the Scottish Werebears Series by Lorelei Moone. Please note that each book in this series features a new couple, but with an overarching story line across all titles. Therefore it is best read in order from start to finish.

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October 17
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Customer Reviews

GmaLeena ,

Whirlwind Holiday Romance

When Derek met Clarice she awoke something within him he didn't know existed, all he wanted to do was pounce on her, take her into his arms and claim her. How could a human have this effect on him? No one had ever affected him like this, not even his own kind, he'd been a happy, solitary bachelor by choice. But something about her made him want to own her, he regretted he couldn't ask his deceased parents advise on how to handle this issue, it reminded him of the stories they'd told him when he was a cub, but wasn't that reserved for a bear and their mate? But not human women right?
Clarice didn't like the fact that she was attracted to the sexy, handsome, bearded married owner of the cottage she was renting. While taking a walk to inform Lily that she'd made it to the cottage, she spotted something big in the distance by the trees. Which was when she remembered the old mans warning about the bear, when she was almost to the cottage she swore she heard a distant roar, but it had to be her over active writers imagination. She only had two weeks to finish her book or her publisher would drop her, she didn't have time for crazy bear stories or sightings. Her muse came in the unlikely form of the married farmer.
Derek only wanted to get away from the farm for a little while to clear his head, but his close call with Clarice noticing him in bear form wasn't helping. Plus as his bear he was more susceptible to her, not even the beautiful sites and sounds of the woods could distract him from wanting to seek her out. For the first time since being on his own, he wished there was someone he could talk to about this situation. To help him figure it out, he'd never heard of anyone mating outside their species. It was wrong to take a human as a mate wasn't it?
What are Derek and Clarice going to do? Clarice thinks he's married, while Derek thinks mating and claiming a mate outside of his race is wrong, but he's never felt like this with anyone else EVER. You'll have to read Book 1 of the Scottish Werebears: An Unexpected Affair to find out, but it'll be worth your time! I cannot wait to read Book 2 Scottish Werebears: A Dangerous Business, to see what happens next. Each of these novellas are a quick read and could be read as a standalone HEA, but I recommend reading the complete series in order to get the little tidbits of background information on everything. I received an ARC copy via IndieSage in exchange for a blog tour review. Due to sexual content this novel is recommended for readers 17 and older!

Viper Spaulding ,

Meeting Derek cures Clarice's writer's block

This is the story that started it all, and it's beautifully done. Derek and Clarice are careful to avoid each other at first, but when Clarice's life is in danger Derek will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, regardless of the risks. The interactions with Derek's brother are just enough to set up the ongoing conflict that runs throughout the series, but this story is completely about Derek and Clarice and their reaction to their status as true mates.

The author does an amazing job of letting us get to know Clarice and Derek separately first, so that the conflicts in their romance are understandable and authentic. Clarice is a wonderful character, someone we'd all like to know in real life, and Derek is all sorts of sexy alpha male who fulfills every female fantasy, including Clarice's. Theirs is a sweet romance and this book is exquisite in it's delivery.

Book Nook Nuts ,

It begins !

Clarice is off to find some solace and finish writing her novel. She has rented a cottage for 2 weeks. What Clarice is not prepared for is the caretaker / owner of the property. From day one, she thought he was married but she still felt a pull towards him. Derek has never mated nor had he wanted to until Clarice entered his life. After a horrible storm, all bets are off as to Derek keeping his distance. Also, his brother is back and has news concerning their parents death.

This is a new to me author. I can honestly say I enjoyed this book. It is well written and nothing is rushed. The romance is slow to grow but when it hits well all bets are off and everything is super hot. I would recommend this book if you like shifter romances.

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