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Old-fashioned methods of mass mind control are breaking down. With the advent of the Internet, propaganda delivered by trance-inducing television is no longer as effective as it once was. This is why the control of information flow is now so important to the powerful. Why China is censoring the Internet. Why our government is so incensed by the revelations of Wikileaks.

I'm reading a good book now that is brilliantly original and insightful. Part of the reason for its value is that it's written by a South African, i.e. by a person who is not part of the American system but who knows American media well.

He shows how notions of solving one's own problems and finding peace within oneself, etc. are robbing us of agency. The notion that with the help of "The Secret" we have control over the Universe and what life gives us is of course pathetic and yet believed by so many. It's the source of the magical thinking notion that good thoughts lead to good lives. No. Critical thinking at least gives us a shot at getting good things out of life . And so much more. I could quote and quote from this book.

I'm annoyed by the many people I know who subscribe to this hooey right up to the moment when they have to make practical decisions involving screwing over other people, at which time they become hard as nails. But on second thought, if the universe owes you a living and someone is getting in your way, that makes sense. You're still a good person, because you are innately good and worthy no matter what your deeds are. It's more honest to assess the situation and do what you have to do without making special claims for yourself.

Marianna Scheffer

Health, Mind & Body
January 8
Newton Fortuin
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