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In author Jim DeLorey's blackly-comic thriller, a fiendish killer and his wall-eyed pit bull companion begin terrorizing metro Detroit with a series of horrific car and bus bombings. With the area's famous Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise fast approaching, tensions worsen when a group calling itself Al-Qaeda in Detroit delivers an extortion demand for $50 million to stop the bombings.Drawn into the investigation by the first attack - the random killing of two drunken boomers in a '32 deuce coupe - local FBI agent McCoy Johnson soon finds himself in the thick of the mayhem - especially when he finds out the bomber has a mysterious personal vendetta against him.Things only get worse when Blandings and Dorn, a pair of out-of-town FBI career hounds, usurp control of the investigation. After narrowly escaping death trying to rescue gruesomely-wounded members of a SWAT team Dorn has sent into a booby-trapped house, McCoy wakes up in the hospital and falls in love at first sight with gorgeous Dr. Oprah Cummings. But the with the body count rising almost by the hour, there's little time for romance as he and his wise-cracking partners try to chase down their mass-murdering adversary.Aided by some unlikely allies - including the talking ghost of his long-dead sister and the porn king son of a Detroit mafia capo - McCoy does his best to stop the carnage. When Dream Cruise day arrives, he and the mafia scion find themselves taking a wild helicopter ride over Woodward Avenue. With time running out , they make a last-ditch attempt to stop the crazed killer before he can inflict a holocaust on the half million spectators and tens of thousands of cruisers below.Dedicated to the people of Greater Detroit, readers from that area will especially enjoy the many Motor City landmarks that serve as backdrops for its often nail-biting action.But with its twisting, suspenseful plot, wild action, snarky humor, and an ironic but tender romance, "Scream Cruise - A Motor City Thriller" is an enjoyable romp no matter where you're from.

Mysteries & Thrillers
August 3
Jim DeLorey
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