Screw The Roses Bring Me The Thorns

A Sex Guide For Women On Using Fantasy & Domination and Submission Sex To Create A More Erotic Life.

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Too Embarrassed Or Afraid To Try New Ways Of Having Sex?

Then read sexologist Dr. Hannah Horbeth’s gentle guide to a spicier sex life:

•  Take your “Erotic Temperature” with a fascinating quiz that will help you identify whether you’d prefer to dominate or submit.

•  Take control: Learn the pleasures of dominating your partner.

•  Surrender!  Learn the pleasures of submitting to your partner.

•  Identify and integrate personal fantasies into your sex life.

•  “Borrow” other women’s fantasies by looking at an extensive list of the most common fantasies.

•  “Steal” ideas for hot fantasies by reading Dr. Horbeth’s recommendations on erotica, women’s porn, literature, sexy mainstream movies and photography books.

What’s Stopping You From Experimenting?

Sometimes women are afraid that if they experiment with fantasies, role play or domination/submission, they won’t want to go back to “normal” sex, that they’ll always hunger for something more.  It’s understandable to be apprehensive but stopping yourself from experimenting is a little like saying you don’t want to taste wine because you’ll end up an alcoholic.   Or refusing to watch a provocative show because you’ll end up like one of the characters.  Relax.  Dressing up as Cruella De Ville doesn’t make you hungry for dog.

Six Questions That Will Reveal Your Hidden Fantasies.

Most people start off by asking the wrong question.  It’s not, “What’s my fantasy?”  It’s, well, read Dr. Horbeth’s guide.  It’s on page 6.  Along with five other questions that will reveal your true fantasies.

How To Steal A Fantasy When You’re Tired Of Your Own.

Steal a little creativity with Dr. Horbeth’s comprehensive list of Hollywood movies, literature, erotica, women’s porn and photography books.  For example, her list,  The Top 10 Must-See Porn Videos For Women.  You’ll never be short of ideas.

The Best Way To Share Your Deepest Fantasies With Your Partner Is…

On page 17 of Dr Horbeth’s guide.  Actually, there are many ways to do it and many ways to integrate those fantasies into your sex life.  They include taking turns with “Turn-On Reading” and playing the Erotic Telephone Game.  There is also a section on how to handle sharing or hearing disturbing fantasies.

Would You Rather Dominate Or Submit?

Or both?  Find out with the most informative quiz you’ll ever take to discover your deepest, most hidden desires.  Dr. Horbeth calls it, “Taking Your Erotic Temperature.”  Have your partner take it too and compare notes.  

Why You Might Like To Try Submissiveness…

Submitting to power often elicits an exhilarating, liberating feeling.  By giving up responsibility for what’s going on, by bending your will to the authority of another, by taking on the role of the compliant and the helpless you can experience a form of therapeutic escape from stress, guilt, shame, fear, and anger.

Being in the presence of a controlling figure makes some women feel the kind of safety and protection they felt as a child.  Others like the feeling of surrendering themselves, of disappearing into the unavoidable nothingness that comes from relinquishing all power.   Still others like earning the approval of a dominant figure or turning their partner into somebody more commanding and powerful.  

Either way, Dr. Horbeth will share her tips for creating erotic, submissive experiences.   

Why You Might Like To Try Domination…

It provides the thrill that comes from placing yourself above someone else.  You can enjoy the authority of telling someone what to do, watching them obey, inflicting “punishment” if they don’t and getting a vicarious thrill from seeing their “suffering.”

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