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My best friend’s older brother excels at many things—being a bossy grump, a jerk, and...this hopeless virgin's fake fiancé?

I need a guy who understands that this is all pretend, and who better than a man who can't stand me—and vice versa? Besides, Derrick is the kind of cocky, confident, successful dude bro my gram will adore. 

We'll convince my ailing grandmother I’m not going to die alone, Derrick will honor that favor he owes me, and we'll part ways as enemies with NO benefits.

It’s a rock-solid plan…until it isn’t. 

Turns out I may have made a slight miscalculation.

Now Derrick is charming my family, sweeping me off my feet, and making me want crazy things. 

Suddenly, I think I might actually want him to be my first and maybe…my only?

Yeah, I’m screwed. 

So bleeping screwed.

April 19
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Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

Singing Secretary ,

Fun and entertaining read!

Screwed is book two in Lili Valente’s A V-Card Diaries series. After finishing book one, I was anxiously waiting for Harlow and Derrick’s HEA story, and it was absolutely worth the wait. Their friends to lovers romance was everything I knew it would be, and Ms. Valente delivered their story beautifully, as she always does. Through all of their bickering, the connection between Harlow and Derrick was always and ever present. I really enjoyed the development of their friendship both in and out of the bedroom, and how protective he always was of her. I loved how their love finally shined through to Harlow crushing the protective walls she kept around her heart to let Derrick in. Screwed was such a fun and entertaining read; I didn’t want their story to end.

Szmoromou ,

Fun & Sexy

Screwed is the 2nd installation of the V-Card Diaries series. Harlow and Derrick have had this loathing relationship since Harlow was rejected by him back when she was in High School and he was 26 years old. Back then, Derrick was protecting Harlow, but the rejection ruined her. Now all Harlow wants to do is find a man to punch her V-Card. Someone kind enough with no strings attached. Derrick has always had a thing for Harlow, but as the older brother of her best friend, it was always a no-no. Also, the fact that Harlow calls him Satan and basically sneers at him every time they meet, there is no way he could act on his feelings. That is until the right opportunity presents itself. When Harlow asks Derrick to pretend to be her fake boyfriend, Derrick plots to finally win Harlow's heart. Derrick and Harlow's banter is hot, fun, and sexy. They make such a great couple but Harlow's insecurities hold her back from experiencing all that wonderfulness. When Derrick finds the courage to finally lay it all on the line, will Harlow reciprocate the same feeling? Can they pull it off and make Harlow's family believe that they are together? Along the way, will the pretend become reality?
What a great story! A must-read from the extraordinary Lili Valente.

BriWhale ,

Fun & Swoony

Screwed has two of my favorite tropes: enemies-to-lovers and fake engagement. This means there was plenty of flirty banter, swoony tensions, and lots of anticipation. Harlow and Derrick have a novella that really adds to the enjoyment of this story and explains why their relationship is so strained in the beginning. The thing is, neither one really hates the other. Quite the opposite. And hilarity ensues as they grow closer and try to clear up their age-old misunderstandings. This book is fun from start to finish and will have you laughing and swooning in equal measure.

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