Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times

Mary Giuffre and Others
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Publisher Description

Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times, EMPOWERS KIDS!

Always empowering, often amusing and sometimes a little ridiculous, Scribble & Grin: 53 Rhymes for Inspiring Times, is 142 pages of Rhyme AND Reason! Described by an education expert as "nursery rhymes for the 21st century," the poems in this book go far beyond fun. These rhymes have been created for you and your children for two very important reasons, to INSPIRE and to ENTERTAIN.

A healthy mix of inspiration, insight and necessary nonsense, Scribble & Grin celebrates diversity and helps children of all ages, cultures, creeds, and abilities grasp the essential ingredients of daily social behavior, encouraging them to become healthy, heart-centered adults. Humor, sharing, caring, self-expression, self-love and being in charge of your behavior are all offered with a joyful attitude and many with a big belly laugh for the entire family!

Written in rhyme so kids remember and illuminated with comical illustrations to entice the reluctant reader, Scribble & Grin has been endorsed by educators, librarians, parents, and children's advocates for boys and girls ages 3 to 12. Created to support growing kids though social situations they encounter in daily life, each piece addresses a universal theme and provides a deeper understanding of growing up. They cut through common fears and challenges, facilitating positive choices by unfolding heartfelt ideas in an honest, inspirational and entertaining way.

Scribble & Grin provides parents, teachers, and caregivers with a valuable resource of timeless material. The rhymes are a springboard for emotional expression and dialogue in a variety of situations and they provide the opportunity to tune into the sounds and structure of language. Every detail of the book has been considered, right down to the font, which was chosen to assist children who are learning to write, as each letter appears exactly like those in hand-printed words, so we encourage you to select the publisher embedded font for the most fulfilling experience.

When kids are inspired and entertained, they relate, repeat, and recall, providing a solid foundation for a lifetime of love and respect.

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This book is also available in BRAILLE.
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