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This is the first interactive Book for Copperplate Calligraphy. The multimedia instructional materials contained within will help both the novice and advanced students. The fundamentals of Copperplate calligraphy are the focus of this Book with particular emphasis on letterforms. In addition, advanced concepts including Needle Stitch Script, and Gilded Script are examined.

This book’s 86 pages are packed with instructional text, images and more than 35 videos presented in an interactive format that will allow the student of the art form to accelerate their learning. 

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July 22
Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo
Dr. Joseph M. Vitolo

Customer Reviews

Sardonick007 ,

So Happy~

I’m so happy to have found this, and I wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the youtube video showcasing it. This is excellent, and it lets me learn when I’m not around my pens or don’t have the ability to doodle. Great stuff!

dalegaspi ,

The 1 of 2 Books You Need to Learn Copperplate Calligraphy

Dr. Vitolo is one of the authorities on Engrosser’s Script Calligraphy. In addition to beautifully executed calligraphy, there is ample analysis and history on how and why it is done…his methods are based heavily on what is taught through Zanerian College which has very strict guidelines but once you adhere to the method and dedicate enough time and discipline, the results make it all worth it.

Dr. Vitolo could have easily charged $50 a pop on this and I still would have bought it. But lo and behold! It’s free!

Oh, the only other book you need to learn Engrosser’s Script is the “Zanerian Manual.”

MikCh_SD ,

Amazing book by an amazing author

Dr. Vitolo - Many thanks for an amazing book and all of your incredible contributions to the world of penmanship!