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Piper Stone's hunky, rude, entitled, Scrooge of a boss is pushing her buttons every day, but he's taken it too far, this time. Saying she couldn't take the holidays off was one thing; preventing her to go home to her sick child? Not happening. She has zero regrets when she resigns.

Bennet McFinnley can't believe his annoyingly perfect personal assistant has actually resigned from her cushy, highly paid position, and he intends to tell her exactly what he thinks about it.

But when he gets to her place, he comes to realize he might not know Piper as well as he thought he had.

Some Girls Do It is a series of standalone novels and novellas - expect adult language and situations.

December 27
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Customer Reviews

jj goatgirl ,

It’s okay.

Actually pretty well written technically. I liked the characters though the male lead is a bit 2 dimensional and it’s weird how he flops from being utterly obnoxious to super thoughtful in an instant, but the super precocious kid is good fun. Not a bad couple of hours of entertainment.

PSemones ,


I liked this book better than the first one, the first seemed to have so much missing to complete the story. I wasn’t going to buy this book due to so much missing in the first one but my bestie brought it. This seemed more complete, you could feel the care the characters had for one another. I wish each book had a section letting you know how the characters from the previous continued their journey. I also subscribe to her new letter it read you also received a free book. Nope, I didn’t.

Barbie G'staff ,

Scrooge McFuck

This is one of the best stories I’ve read in a long time. It’s an easy read that made me love and care about the characters immediately.
It was so good, I sat down to read it and finished it in one sitting.

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