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*2019 RONE Finalist*

A mother and child on the run. A dark Latino shifter with a secret. And the powerful fae who's after them all.

A second-chance romance with a paranormal twist...from USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Rivard

Four years ago, Irish shifter Cassidy O'Byrne fell hard for a sexy Latino from the Rock Run Clan. Nic was dark, brooding—and irresistible. But Nic was keeping a secret, and in the end he left, unknowingly leaving her expecting their baby.

Cassidy loves her three-year-old daughter with everything she has. But Nic's secret makes the little girl invaluable to the fae. When a powerful fae comes for Rianna, Cassidy runs with her to the only man who might be able to save them.

Nic never expected to see Cassidy again, but now that she's come to him, he'll do anything to keep her and his daughter. He just has to convince Cassidy to give him a second chance—and keep his newfound family safe from the fae.

*Crowned Heart Review ~ InD'Tale Magazine (5 stars)*

NOTE: Sea Dragon's Hunger is Book 4.5 in the Fada Shapeshifters Series. All books are standalone with an HEA, but the stories interconnect. If you crave dark alpha shifters and intense emotional storylines, this book is for you.

Nic had been restless all day, and it was growing worse. His Irish mother had been a powerful Seer. Nic couldn't see the future like his mom, but he'd learned to trust his premonitions.

Trouble was on the way.

He dove into the water. The ocean was a seething mass. A wave crashed over Nic's head. Even in his man form, he could hold his breath much longer than a human.

But his animal wanted out.

Nic dove deep and let the shift take him. Energy rippled over his skin. For a few seconds, his body was a cluster of incandescent lights—blue, purple, green—before shaping itself into the powerful body of his sea dragon.

Nic arced in and out of the waves, reveling in the slide of salt water over his skin. He had rudimentary wings and could fly in short spurts, but the ocean was his element.

A school of common dolphins scattered at his approach, chittering anxiously to each other. In this form, Nic measured twenty-five feet from nose to tail, and he had the teeth and claws to match.

Nic ignored them. He might be a half-savage dragon, but he drew the line at eating something as intelligent as him.

In the sky above, lightning flashed, followed by a crash of thunder. Rain slashed down, pelting his dark-gold hide.

He dove beneath the waves, stopping a couple hundred feet down. Above him, the storm still raged, but this deep, the sound was muted, the black waters calm.

He glided through the midnight liquid, the premonition riding him like an itch that couldn't be scratched, teasing at a part of him buried so deep, he could go weeks without thinking about it.


Cassidy O'Byrne.

Pain sliced through him, fresh as the day he'd left Ireland—and her. He gritted his teeth and bore it.

Then his spine prickled. His dragon was racing for the surface before his mind caught up.

Cassidy was here—and she was in danger.

Shapeshifters created during Dionysus's infamous bacchanals from a mix of fae, human and animal genes.
They're ruthless, untamed—and when they love, it's forever.

BEST SHIFTER SERIES of 2018 ~ PRG Reviewer's Choice Awards

March 27
Rebecca Rivard
Draft2Digital, LLC

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