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New, never-before-published full-length novel

First published May 2018

Tall, Dark & Dangerous/SEAL Team Ten #12

Navy SEAL Lieutenant Jim “Spaceman” Slade’s got a problem. A SEAL Team is only as fast as its slowest member—and right now, thanks to his battered knees—that’s Jim. He reluctantly takes medical leave, but he’s a SEAL, so he spends his “vacation” as an instructor, helping out a former senior chief who runs a camp for SEAL wannabes. But to Jim’s shock, he finds himself falling for the one woman attending the camp session—an obviously brilliant but seemingly timid lawyer who is determined to do everything her way, no matter how wrong.

Ashley DeWitt’s got a problem, too. She’s a kickass lawyer, but when it comes to her personal life, she’s a total pushover. When she finds herself hiding behind her condo Dumpster to avoid a confrontation with an ex, she decides enough is enough and signs up for a session at a camp called SEAL World, in hopes she’ll discover how to be more assertive outside of the courtroom. And then she’s assigned to Jim’s team...

When an alpha male—smart, funny, strong, but terrified of a future trapped behind a desk—collides with a smart, funny, and quietly strong woman with a troubled past, sparks fly hot and fast.

The tall, dark, and dangerous Navy SEALs of Team Ten are back, with reader favorites like Lucky, Joe Cat, Bobby Taylor and his wife Colleen, Thomas King, Rio Rosetti—and with Suzanne Brockmann’s signature blend of love, laughter, and a hint of danger in SEAL Camp.

(60,000 words or 200 pages)

May 4
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Customer Reviews

angie1229 ,

Worth the wait

A fan of Suzanne Brockmann’s action/adventure romances, I was happy to see this “late” addition to the TDD series as well as discover her plans to continue the untold stories from that world. Just reading this takes me back to all my other faves... I really liked how this story addressed gender issues.

JW7951 ,

Loved it!

Always love Suzanne's books - especially TDD and Troubleshooters... But this was one of my faves! The characters of Jim and Ashley were great and I couldn't put this one down!!

Yellow Submarines R Overrated ,

Not a romance, but a political story.

I love Suzanne Brockmann’s books. But I couldn’t even finish this. The entire thing was so unbelievable. I mean, seriously, it was so awful. I felt like I was being lectured over and over. I get there are sexist people out there, and I understand there are racists. And I understand there’s this big focus right now on #metoo and consent. And I agree with Brockmann that sexism, racism, sexual assault, they are all awful. But the situations and conversations were so contrived, just to try to shove her philosophies down my throat. All that questioning of whether the main guy was being sexist, when he didn’t mean to be, but pretty much all guys are, apparently…it does not make for a fun, sexy story!

It was like Ayn Rand meets social justice warrior, except not nearly so well done (and I don’t subscribe to all of Rand’s philosophies). Maybe add in a couple comments in the book to showcase a point, but this was way too much! It was not fun to read. It was annoying. I kept getting pulled from the story because I was like, whaaa??? In what universe does a person have extremely sexist and racist comments made to them, by pretty much all people around her, within a few days time? This felt like someone created a hate crime, not because she hates, but because she hates the hate crime and wants to draw more attention to the problems of hate crimes. Brockmann created a story that was unbelievable and annoying, to showcase her view of the world.

My suggestion? #resist this book.

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