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Former Navy SEAL Commander Jack Bishop thought he was done with the government shenanigans that cost him part of his mobility. So when he’s presented with a new case thanks to the Bone Frog division of the Department of Homeland Security, he’s less than enthused, until he learns that Navy SEAL families are in danger. But there’s a more personal connection. Somehow his best-friend’s widow is involved and no matter how hard he has to fight his need for her, he has to be there to help her out. He has no desire to rejoin any part of the government, but there are lives at risk, as well as a personal connection he can’t ignore.

Andrea Winters knows that something hinky is going on in her high traffic coffee shop. As a former Navy SEAL wife, she knows something feels off. She reports her feelings to a man she thinks she can trust, and suddenly she’s running for her life. Is there a conspiracy afoot? Or is she just overreacting to a strange set of circumstances? Things begin to turn around when Jack Bishop returns, looking even more handsome than he did years before. In spite of his scarred, inscrutable exterior, she still sees glimmers of the man she thought at one time would help her rebuild her life after her husband—his best friend— was killed.

Will he help her understand what’s going on now? Or just confuse her further with his hungry looks and even more demanding hands… more importantly, will he stay this time?

They’re in a race against time to save lives, and possibly hearts…

July 16
Jennifer Madden
Jennifer Madden

Customer Reviews

Low carber ,

Wonderful characters!

Doubly good! The suspense scenes in this book are good, and really resonate with the potential risks to military families. The romantic scenes are fantastic! Jack and Andrea are both joined and separated by their common past. He was the best friend of her husband who was killed in action. She is strong in action, and in going for what she wants. Jack must be vulnerable, and accept that the past doesn’t have to define the future.

yvonnetcruz ,

An amazing story

This is the seventh book in the Silver SEALs series that I have read, and as much as I have thoroughly enjoyed the others, this one really blew me away.
The story centers around former SEAL, LT Commander Jack Bishop and Andrea Winters, widow of his best friend and SEAL buddy, Dorian.
Jack was out of the Navy after an injury and though he has done some work for DHS working with Bone Frog, he’s decided he’s done with the government. That is , until he gets a call from Si, the man in charge of Bone Frog, informing him that Andrea is possibly in danger. She’s the woman he’s loved from afar , but would never cross the line. Besides, with all his scars, who would want him.
Without giving out the plot, suffice is to say that the nail biting action is non-stop. One filled with bad guys and time running out. While trying to figure out who are all the bad guys, the attraction between Andrea and Jack intensifies. But a dead husband seems to always get in the way. Add to that kidnapped children, and your heart literally stops. At times the story is so heart wrenching, that you will cry and wonder why such evil exists.
Will Jack be able to keep Andrea safe? Will the bad guys be captured? Will Jack be able to let go of the “ghost” and allow himself to have a future with Andrea?
Once again , this talented author gives us a thought provoking subject with a scenario that is very real.
Another winner for the author and the series.
I was entrusted a copy of this book. The opinions expressed are solely my own.

jdso111815 ,

Intense and Thrilling!

Intense and thrilling action from start to finish. Jack and Andrea both are strong characters and compliment each other. Working through past lives and issues are struggles that can make you a stronger person. Another one of J.M. Madden’s books where sleep can wait until you get to the end.

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