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On terminal leave, Navy SEAL Sam Franklin has a job waiting for him with the Brotherhood Protectors, but he’s taking a few days off to try his hand at fly fishing before he goes back to work. He needs the R&R to decompress after his final mission got some of his buddies killed. Relaxation ends when his adopted Military War Dog Grunt discovers a body washed up on the river bank. 

Drugged and scared, Reggie McDonald escaped through the woods and fell into a river, running from her kidnapper. By some miracle, she washes ashore at the feet of a former Navy SEAL. When he tries to take her to the hospital, she refuses to go, insisting she remain ‘dead’. 

Sam takes Reggie to his small cabin. When he learns that there are other young women being held by the man she escaped, he promises to help her find them. Calling on the Brotherhood Protectors, Sam and Reggie race against time to free the others before the kidnapper kills them.

October 8
Twisted Page Inc

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Jen G F ,

Seal Juctice

ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars

Seal Justice is book 13 in the Brotherhood Protectors series by Elle James and another awesome read!

Sam Franklin, just retired from the Navy Seals and is awaiting the start of his new life with the Brotherhood, maybe to find a wife, have a family...only time will tell... so he’s taking a few day to fly fish at a remote cabin til Hank has a job for him. He and his retired military war dog, Grunt find a body washed ashore on the river bank...nothing like having your next job find you....

Reggie McDonald was kidnapped, drugged and when thrown in the dirty, damp, cell underground she found that more women where taken also. She is determined to find a way out and get help. Little did she know that the person who finds her after she escapes is someone who can help her in recovering from the trauma, rescue the other women, get help for everyone and eliminate the threat forever....but will that be enough or will she let what happen to her keeps her from finding her HEA??

Agent$$$$ ,

Sam and Reggie

Reggie narrowly escapes a serial rapist and kidnapper, to be found nearly dead. Sam, a newly retired SEAL, heads to Eagle Rock, Montana to join The Brotherhood Protectors. He and his retired service dog, Grunt, are on a week’s vacation fly fishing when Grunt comes across a naked body. Sam bundles her up and wants to take her to the hospital or call the police, but Reggie begs him not to, saying she has to stay “dead”. Going against his better judgement, Sam takes her back to the cabin, cleans her up, and lets her sleep. When she spikes a fever, Sam knows he has to call for help. Sam contacts Hank, his new boss.

Loved, loved, loved this novel! I think this was the best one yet. I was on the edge of my seat, trying to anticipate their next move and failing. In my opinion, that’s exactly how a romantic suspense novel should be. Sam was sweet and supportive, but also very Alpha. Reggie was so strong and determined! I so enjoyed the added “family” twist. This novel was definitely a winner! I read a gifted copy and all opinions stated are my own.

Cheryl SDS ,

I love their love!

4.5 Stars
This is book 13 in the Brotherhood Protectors series and it features Reggie McDonald, Sam “Talon” Franklin and his retired military working dog, Grunt. This story is twisted and often gave me the chills. Reggie and other women are being held against their will by a psychotic rapist. Once she escapes and Grunt finds her, the race against time is on to find the other women before this maniac kills them. The story was great! It has great action and suspense but the romance felt a little rushed. Don’t get me wrong, it was still fantastic but for a book on the shorter side and considering what she had been through, I would have expected it to be a little more drawn out.

The epilogue or last chapter was absolutely FABULOUS! I love their love and their commitment to their family. What a great feeling! Looking forward to more from this very talented author.

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