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His best friend’s wife is in trouble…

A panicked phone call sends Kanen flying across the ocean to find that she’s been held captive in her apartment, tortured for something her dead husband supposedly hid.

Only she knows nothing about it and her husband is, well, dead…

Dead men don’t talk – or do they? As they unravel the mystery Kanen has to delve into his friend’s life to see what he’d done that put his wife in jeopardy. And find her captor, before he decides to kill her.

Laysa doesn’t know what this man wants, but after seeing Kanen again after so long she knows what she wants. But is it a betrayal of her husband? Then why was her husband hiding things?

And why did her captor want them? Even worse, if he got them in his possession, what was he planning to do with them?

May 21
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Harley Jean Matta ,

Good, but..

I was kindly provided this book as an ARC; in exchange for my honest review. This is book 20 in the SEALs Of Honor series. This book revolves around Kanen (of note in book 19 he was referred to as Kannen. I think this was a simple continuity oversight.) and Laysa. (My auto-spell-corrector went bonkers on that name.)

I’m doing this review slightly different than my previous ones. Family emergency and time constraints just don’t allow for the details I usually include.

This is a very looong series; with several connected series. I would say it was close to as good/great as the previous books in series. However, the ending just wasn’t enough; I was left feeling like there should have been 3 or more chapters at minimum. I recommend this book, but do warn the reader of this. Truly I’d give it 3 1/2 stars, but, because I love Ms. Dale’s books; so I gave the rating a slight bump (glass half full..)

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Book Addict KJB ,

Seals of Honor: Kanen

Laysa, Blake and Kanen. Friends for decades. Laysa and Blake married. Blake served in the navy and Kanen became a navy SEAL. Leaving the navy, Blake and Laysa moved to England. Kanen was friends with the couple and, when Blake died, continued being a friend and support to Laysa. On maneuvers in Europe, Kanen received a phone call from Laysa. Tortured for the location of something her husband had kept, now the kidnapper wanted Kanen to find the something in exchange for Laysa. Kanen and his fellow SEALS Taylor and Nelson immediately fly to England to rescue Laysa and to mount a bizarre scavenger hunt.
I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Cheryl SDS ,

Fell short!

This is book 19 in the SEALs of Honor series and it features Kanen and Laysa. This is first and foremost a mystery and lastly a very slight friends-to-lovers romance. I just didn’t feel like there was much thought put into this story line. The mystery was not exciting…AT ALL. To have three Navy SEALs, four if you include Mason and MI6 involved in a story that could’ve been led by a regular guy and an inquisitive woman, made this book fall way short of this authors previous works. We’re also left with too many questions about Blake’s character as a man and a husband. Oh, and we didn’t even get to meet Charles!

Although this book definitely wasn’t one of my favorites, I do look forward to future books by this author.

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