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Given a life that's been little more than an uphill battle, it's no wonder Shadow is so damn good at dealing with whatever's the hardest, the most hazardous and hellish.

The life of a SEAL is the one place where Shadow is most comfortable existing. He's certain of what he's capable of achieving, knows when to act and exactly how to do what needs to be done. But when he sets off on a mission to rescue Arianna and her family, his world goes from precise, controlled action to blown-to-smithereens chaos. Who is this woman and why does she rattle him the way no one else ever has?

Arianna has been plunged into a foreign state of affairs that includes kidnapping, beatings, threats…and Navy SEALs. The only good thing about this nightmare is the dark, dangerous savior watching over them. Shadow doesn't seem to have a clue what to do with her. Although she has a pretty good idea where she'd like to see their relationship go, will they ever get that chance?

She's been marked for murder, and it's up to Shadow to save her--or risk losing what he hadn't even realized he wanted, yet now can't live without…

May 3
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

Montanafilly73 ,


Love the story of Ari and Shadow. Shadow is so deserving of a HEA, and Arianna is the perfect young lady to deliver it for him. Love the brotherhood of the Seal members and the way they dealt with the terrorists. One thing for sure is, never mess with a Seal or his woman.

Merrie29 ,


I did not find the characters very well developed. Kevin is noted to wear hearing aids and Ariana knew sign language, yet he had no trouble communicating with the SEAL team? Ariana seemed immature for a 25 year old teacher. Calling someone a meanie? I did not like the fact that the author started sentences with "like" as in "like, who does that" when she wasn't expressing a character's thoughts. I won't read others in the series. This was .99 book.

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