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Five chances to fall in love…

One Mexican Army vet falling in love with his employee.

One woman haunted by the past moving on with her many-night stand. 

One kickass chef and the restaurant critic who nearly destroyed her career.

One woman who has never felt beautiful and the doctor she met by chance.

One woman recovering from an abusive relationship and learning what love really means.  

This box set contains all five books in the Seaside Valleria series: Rush, Ripple, Raw, Ravage, and Rise.

*Please note: these novels contain content suitable for mature audiences only. Some books may contain discussion of sensitive topics that may be considered triggers.

*Each novel is a standalone book in the series, with no cliffhanger. However, you may prefer to read the series in order.


Rush (Hector & Millie) (Seaside Valleria #1)

A slow burn romance about loving and believing in yourself, as much you do the one you love.

She feels she doesn’t deserve him…

He feels he doesn’t deserve her…

What happens when they finally discover they’re both wrong?

Millie could do this. Easy. No problem. So what if her former Hot Man Customer was now her current Hot Man Boss? So what if he also wanted to date her? With her terrible family and the burdens she carries, no way will Hector stay with her long term. He deserves someone better than her.

Hector liked his Millie—his Amelia—since nearly the first moment they met. So what if she’s shy? He’ll wait for her. So what if her evil half-brother is making a repeat appearance? He’ll protect her. He’d never thought he’d be successful—not running a pub or being in a relationship—after losing his legs in the army. It’s been years and he’s still recovering, but he’s learned to live with his demons. He’ll work hard to make his pub and his relationship with Amelia a success, even if some days he doesn’t believe he deserves it.

When Amelia’s circumstances take a dangerous turn, Hector will do whatever it takes to help her, whether or not she wants it. Can they both overcome their fears and histories for a future together?


Ripple (Persy & Sully) (Seaside Valleria #2)

Persy has been restless and running from her tragic past for years. Since leaving Ireland, she’s stayed the longest in Masillia, soaking in the quiet calm of the sea and now working at the local pub, the Seashell. Is she staying because of the peace she finds here? Or because of the passion she shares with the sexy cop who spends his nights with her?

Sully never planned to stay in Valleria long-term. His one-year assignment with the local police is coming to an end, and soon he’ll return to his life back in Ireland. Yet, every night, after work, he finds himself at the Seashell. When the bar closes in the early hours, he walks Persy home—then takes her to bed. Their nights are full of passion, not promises, which works for them both.

Or it did.

One night, everything changes for Sully and he realizes he wants more than an affair. He wants her, all of her.

Can their relationship move past the lure of the night to the bright light of day? Can they move beyond the aches of the past to the dreams of a future together?


Raw (Frannie & Aiden) (Seaside Valleria #3)

One kickass chef. 

The critic who nearly destroyed her career. 

A love neither of them expected.

Frannie has spent years searching for herself. She’s tried ten different names so far (because why should she be saddled with Frannie just because her parents chose it?) and her latest, Jasmine, just might stick. Despite her insecurities, she’s always been confident about her abilities in the kitchen. She is a chef extraordinaire, thank you very much, and she won’t have anyone tell her different. Especially not some stuffy customer who doesn’t appreciate her work, even if he is tall and sexy and a loving father to boot.

Aiden is a stickler for privacy, so much so that he uses a pseudonym for his work as a famed restaurant critic. He’s received threats from irate chefs before and he doesn’t want anyone to know who he really is, especially since he has a son to protect.

During his working visit to a local pub, the Seashell, his life erupts. His ex barges in and decides it’s time he takes full custody of their son so she can go off on another flighty adventure. In the midst of the dramatic scene, it’s Frannie who comes to his rescue. 

Frannie who comforts his son, while he deals with his ex.

Frannie who captivates him, and it’s Frannie’s food he loves.

And it was Frannie’s food years ago that he decimated in the paper.

So, he can’t tell Frannie who he really is, because he and his son could risk losing her forever.

Then she finds out, and all hell really breaks loose.


Ravage (Beth & Everett) (Seaside Valleria #4)

He’s never needed someone…until her…

Everett wants her. In bed. On the stairs. Against the fridge. 

He wants the inexplicable connection they have to deepen and grow.

Beyond the bed, he wants to soothe her aches and comfort her, defend her against the evils of the world.

But his own world is crumbling around him, and he needs her, too.

Needs her kindness and warmth, her strength and comfort.

They nearly made it, they almost had everything.

Until one misunderstanding derailed it all.

She’s never been needed…until him…

Beth’s never been the long-term lover and not by her choice—by theirs. 

She’s the quick fix and the one-night stand, the one they use and leave. 

As the curvier version of her identical twin, Beth has always been compared to her—and never favorably. 

Throw in the rough way she grew up, her cruel mother and never-ending family drama, and no one’s wanted Beth to stick around. 

Until Everett. 

What they had was beautiful and intoxicating and dizzying, and warm and lovely and safe.

But it won’t last…not now…not after everything fell apart.

Can they ever find a way back to each other?


Rise (Liz & Luke) (Seaside Valleria #5)

Liz has a secret. No, it’s not her cheating ex who won’t leave her alone (everyone knows about him). No, it’s not her crazy mother acting crazier (which everyone, especially her identical twin, knows about). Her secret is about Luke.

No, it’s not the fact they’ve been sleeping together (though that is a secret, sort of). Her secret is that she might be in love with him. But, after everything she went through with her ex, she’s done with love.

Luke has other plans. He’s watched over Liz for years while she was with a man that didn’t deserve her. Now, he’ll prove to her that they do belong together, even while a woman from his own past reenters his life, challenging his and Liz’s love.

Between dueling exes, frustrating family, and the wedding of the year, can they find their way towards a future together? 

Come for one last visit to the seaside to find out…


Welcome to Valleria, a country nestled along the Mediterranean. Whether it’s the small towns or larger port cities, you’re sure to find a friendly face—or more—along Valleria’s seaside shores. Far from the politics of the palace, follow this group of friends as they find love, support each other, and perhaps even meet a royal or two at the local Masillian pub, the Seashell.

September 20
Marianne Knightly
Valleria LLC

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