Season Of The Matriarchs

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Season of the MatriarchsAn anthology of seven stories, celebrating strong family matriarchs, from diverse backgrounds, who range from 58-110 years-old.1. THE VISITDicie Phillips, age 70, visits her son and daughter-in-law, in the south suburbs of Chicago. Then, she reluctantly embarks on a visit to the West side of Chicago, with them. The eventful evening, culminates in thought-provoking enlightenment.2. THE HOMECOMINGMinty Isadore's 110th birthday is hailed, during the annual homecoming celebration, in Warren, Arkansas. The festivities are held on the grounds of the now, closed church, where the doors are opened for service, once a year, preceding the gala events.3. NOVEMBER IN NEW YORKDelores Moore, 58, visits New York City, for the first time, with her female employer, a former resident of New York City. On the first day, hardly leaving a stone unturned; her companion, showed Delores around the city that she'd dreamed of visiting, her entire life. Then, due to her companion having a love interest in the city; Delores is forced to veer out on her own. Consequently, she encounters an unlikely suitor.4. EFFIE AND EUNICEThe Lamm Sisters, Effie and Eunice, are whimsical and spry, 90 and 95 year-old spinsters. They've lived a joyous life together, in the same house, for nearly seventy years. Between them, Effie and Eunice have a storehouse of memories from the past. And, prefer slow going evenings, reflecting on days gone by; rather than getting caught up in life, during the present time, in Indianola, Mississippi.5. I DO, AGAINTheresa Owens, 62, a widow for twelve years, calls her three grown daughters (all of varying lifestyles and personalities) together to announce her recent engagement. Though Theresa's Daughters dont think alike, they all agree that no man can replace their father. But, it's only Stephanie, the take-charge, police sergeant, who insists the marriage between their mother, a cultured, retired school teacher who's recently moved into a Milwaukee, lake front condo, and her fianc, a grungy auto mechanic, should not take place. In her opinion, he and his family don't measure up to their mother's standards.6. CLOSEDMable Tucker, 80, is closing her prosperous, Canal Street restaurant, in New Orleans. And, retiring after forty-five years at the same location. Regular patrons, packed the restaurant and spilled out into the garden area, regaling in the folly. Many rekindled decades of memories, while enjoying one last meal at Mama Mable's.A first time visitor, Gordy, in town on business, gets to Mable's, just in time to experience what his best friend (who's Mable's nephew,) has boasted about for years. Gordy discovered that Mable did cook the best gumbo and bread pudding with caramel sauce that he'd ever tasted, in or out of New Orleans. Jovial and motherly, Mable made him feel like he'd known her all of his life. Gordie ends his visit with Mable, stimulated both mentally and physically by her ability to spin tales of "Old New Orleans," just as well as she cooked.7. THE LAST STOPVelma Jones, 65, a charter bus driver, makes her last run, before her retirement. Many of the passengers on the trip are regulars on her run between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. A few of them were along, on her first trip, twenty-four years ago. She's going to miss the passengers and the road. Velma possesses a tremendous singing voice, and has always aspired to be a professional singer. But, had never received that "big break." Just as comfortable behind a microphone as she was behind the steering wheel; Velma always serenaded the passengers on her bus, as they rolled along the highway. Velma's accepted an off-the-strip club owner's offer to sing with his band. She knows the experience would be good exposure, that might lead to better offers. But, though Velma's good at concealing it, the thought of walking out on stage, in front of an audience, gives Velma the jitters. The table would be turned. Kind of like going to someone else's house.

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May 20

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