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<h4>A successful solicitor, her business partner’s daughter, and their unexpected chance at love.</h4>

Alice McAllister is successful, quiet and disciplined. When her law partner Miranda forces her to take a vacation at her holiday home in Portugal, the unexpected presence of Miranda’s daughter Joy turns Alice’s world up-side down.

Despite their differences–the age gap between them only being one of many–Alice and Joy embark on a passionate holiday romance… until they have to return home.

Can their steamy summer fling turn into a love that lasts? Or will the real world impose too many obstacles to Alice and Joy’s young and fragile love?

Find out in this sultry lesbian age-gap novel by chart-topping lesbian romance author Harper Bliss!

★★★★★ “Harper Bliss is the queen of age gap romances. Be sure to pick this one up right away.” – The Lesbian Review

January 15
Ladylit Publishing
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Customer Reviews

spectacles22 ,

Thumbs up

I really enjoyed this book. Touched on a lot of topics, age gap, self-image, acceptance. Kind of a double whammy for the main character. Really detailed scenes, plot twists along the way. A little bit wordy but otherwise a great story.

Mylove4u910 ,

Seasons of YES!

Harper Bliss has really done it with this age gap romance. This story ticks all the boxes funny, steamy and heart warming! Definitely a must read as always.

sticksn03s ,

age .. does it matter?

Age .. does it really matter when it comes to love? Turn the numbers around. Life and love is discovery, a journey and who knows what else but it’s open and waiting.
Fun and easy book that flows along. Love the characters of proper Alice and youthful Joy.
Love came quickly for both characters and while there seemed to be a pattern with Joy picking out older women; makes me wonder if she had a fixation on Alice without really taking into account that all of her other relationships didn’t work out because of this??
Buy, read and enjoy that love comes in all shapes, colors of the rainbow, and oh of course just like wine .. age comes with benefits.

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