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Second Chance Love is Book #1 of 2 Christian Romance books and offers a Preview of the Grand Bay Story. The story begins with Tracy Moore’s dilemma of how to survive her sister’s wedding while maintaining her distance from her ex-fiancé Paul Myers. To complicate matters further, she has been chosen as the maid of honor and Paul is the best man. Toss the two reluctant ex’s together on a private jetliner, a small tropical island, and see how a tragic accident puts their past love for each other to the test. This story highlights Tracy’s journey to resolve her fears of commitment, her ability to share her deepest feelings with her ex-fiancé, her life and death accident, and her ability to trust God with her deepest fears of failure.

*This is only a Preview and not a stand-alone novel*

In this first book, Tracy Moore comes to grip with the dreadful news that she must face her ex-fiancé Paul at her sister Crystal’s wedding. But going through the motions of her sister’s wedding puts her willpower to the test as awkward feelings from her disastrous wedding ceremony four years prior come back to haunt her. Stuck with Paul for several days on a beautiful tropical island 1200 miles from the southeast coast of the African continent, Tracy struggles to come to terms with her old feelings for her ex-fiancé while doubts about her current relationship with her boyfriend Joseph creep to the surface.  But fate puts her current relationship to the test when she and Paul are injured in a disastrous car accident and Paul must abandon Tracy with her critical injuries and find help.

Paul Myers is the best man for his brother Kenneth’s wedding. And even though he parted ways with Tracy four years ago, he still suffers from the sting of rejection after Tracy walked from their wedding ceremony. But when he discovers he must interact with his ex-fiancé in an intimate tropical trip, he’s not sure he can suppress his strong feelings of love for her. When an unfortunate accident causes them to become stranded on a deserted part of the island, Paul’s love for Tracy is put to the test. Can he find life-saving help for Tracy in time so they can have a second chance at love? Can he convince Tracy to set aside her fears of commitment? Or will Paul fail to find a rescue team and lose the love of his life? Find out what happens in this exciting story of extreme courage and commitment.

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Fiction & Literature
April 13
Kelsey MacBride
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Kwahydal ,

Wow, what a cliffhanger!

I liked the way the story built. Nice glimpses into the past to get a good understanding of the main characters. I didn't care so much for Julie. She seemed like an immature party girl. At one point she seemed drunk the way she was so boisterous.

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