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These Bear Shifters didn’t even know they were fathers!

The Secret Baby Bears Ultimate Box Set is here! Contains the following stories:

Alec: Talia normally enjoyed her mornings teaching her class. The little boys and girls looked up at her, their big eyes rapt with attention as she taught them their daily lessons. But today was different. She felt it in her bones, but she had no idea her life was about to change forever.

Alec knew he shouldn't do this. He should've called, but this wasn't something you could talk about over the phone. Hi, I'm actually the father of your small child, who might be a Bear Shifter like me. Sometimes, you just had to be bold, even if that meant crossing the line into dangerous.

Rock: Gemma had been to her fair share of parties, but this one was a bit different. It wasn't that long ago that she was a wild party girl, hitting up frats and luring studs into her web of drama and seduction. But those days were behind her. Today's party was for her young son, Arthur. As a rambunctious two year old, she hoped that he would have fun and remember it. Her back yard started filling with guests, including a tall broad-shouldered man whose eyes she found entrancing...

Rock wasn't sure how this was supposed to go. He was a complete stranger, showing up at this lady's house and needing to have a very intimate conversation with her. He thought about turning around, getting back into his car and driving away. But then he heard a little laugh coming from the back yard. He knew instantly that it was his cub, and nothing was going to stop him from being the best father he could be!

Jackson: Olivia Hendricks put on her best face as she looked in the mirror. Her best friend's wedding was finally here, and she was happy to stand for her friend. But there was no denying that her body had seen better days. Her toddler tugged at his adorable little tux like a wild animal as they scooted out the door. Could today just be over?

Jackson saw her from across the dance floor, and she took his breath away. He watched her sway back and forth to the music, her son on her hip. Every nerve in his body screamed that that was his cub. He couldn't believe that the little was actually real, actually there in front of him. Taking a deep breath, he made his way to the two most important people in his life.

Clay: Chloe was exhausted. Moving from New York City to Ithaca, NY had been a real strain on this city girl. Her darling son Noah had been a handful, as usual, but lately he'd been behaving strangely around the other kids his age. A nice trip to the zoo would let him get out some of that energy and hopefully let Chloe relax a little bit. But whatever the day had in store for her, relaxation would play no part in it...

Clay knew this was the wrong way to do it. Trying to naturally meet someone you've been tracking down is never going to work, but what choice did he have? She was raising his cub, and that meant the normal playbook was going right out the window. As soon as he laid eyes on her, he had a feeling that the wrong way was going to suit him just fine...

Rust: Samantha once thought she could take anything life could throw at her. Terrible jobs and worse men, it could all be taken in stride. But a tragic event leaves her beside herself and she wonders if she can ever really love again. When a stranger barges into her life, life might be throwing her a curve ball.

Rust was a man in pieces. He never had much going for him, truth be told. His broad shoulders and the golden shine in his Bear Shifter eyes meant he had few enemies, but that didn’t matter now. Haunted and tormented by a terrible event, he decided he’d had enough drowning in pity and sorrow. He would meet his fate, no matter the consequences. And if he could make someone’s life a little better in the process, so be it.

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning brings you a Shifter Romance novella box set packed full of action, intrigue and steam! Fated Mates have never been so right and wrong for each other!

December 15
Gizmo Media
Gizmo Media

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