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The beast hides a dark secret in his past…

Leo Morelli is known as the Beast of Bishop's Landing for his cruelty. He’ll get revenge on the Constantine family and make millions of dollars in the process. Even it means using an old man who dreams up wild inventions.

The beauty will sacrifice everything for her family...

Haley Constantine will do anything to protect her father. Even trade her body for his life. The college student must spend thirty days with the ruthless billionaire. He’ll make her earn her freedom in degrading ways, but in the end he needs her to set him free.

SECRET BEAST is a new full-length novel from USA Today bestselling author Amelia Wilde about revenge, family secrets, and the redeeming power of love.

Praise for Amelia Wilde's King of Shadows trilogy...

"Breathtaking, intense, and scorching hot, KING OF SHADOWS is the modern myth I've been waiting for." –New York Times Bestselling Author Skye Warren

"Summer Queen is a sexy shot of antihero goodness—this is the kinky, delicious retelling of the year!" –Sierra Simone, USA Today bestselling author

“Amelia Wilde has proven once again why she is my mortal enemy—I would kill to have written this dark, sensuous retelling of Persephone’s journey to becoming Queen of the Underworld.” –Kayti McGee, USA Today bestselling author

February 23
Dangerous Press
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Customer Reviews

gingin615 ,

Loved it!

Outstanding! I love these Midnight Dynasty stories featuring the feuding families. Constantine versus Morelli. Viciousness at its best! I’m gobbling them up as fast as I can get my hands on them. Written by different authors but all are stunning and they keep to the essence of these characters and their family drama and ongoing battles throughout the books. Leo has popped up in several stories as the cruel, evil Morelli. It’s a toss up on who’s the worst between him and his nasty older brother Lucian. The jury still out on Lucian but we find out that Leo has a reason for his evil. A big one. It’s game changing and I was surprised by his retribution on his evildoer. The person plays big in most of the stories so it will interesting to see how it’s handled going forward. I love, love, love this first part to Leo and Haley’s story. Sweet, kind, tender hearted Haley and the Beast Leo. She sacrifices herself to save a loved one and ends up in the clutches of the Beast. I’m on pins and needles as these two enter into a immoral arrangement that’s sexual charged and heart pounding. Will sweet Haley be able to calm the Beast? A hot, sexy read with fabulous characters in a grim setting and all the dark interplay I’ve come to expect from this talented author and this superb collection. Tons on suspense as Haley uncovers the mystery behind Leo’s bad behavior. I sorta broke over the injustice to Leo and I was swooning right along with Haley. I fell for the Beast! I know...crazy. The ending culminates in a shocking but not really cliffhanger after Leo does Haley a kindness and his act of revenge gets him in trouble. I can’t wait for the next part to the terrific romance suspense. I’m curious how the person dealing out Leo’s punishment will be handled in upcoming books. The person is front and center in another series that unfinished but I have no doubt that these wonderful authors will dish out a stunning conclusion. More Midnight Dynasty please! This is a must read! I voluntarily reviewed an ARC.

Rinsky13 ,


Wow! I mean, really, wow! Leo Morelli has ticked me off in so many books. I can’t tell you what I wanted to do to him, because then my review would be flagged 😂. But here, Amelia Wilde did the impossible. She made me fall for him. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!!! She told me she would & she did. He’s still mean and ragey, trying to take down the Constantines, but here you get to see more of him, another side, and it gets you melty. But not in the beginning. In the beginning, he’s after the Constantine’s, again, and this time, he ends up with Haley Constantine, who trades places (and contracts) with her dad. Haley is sweet and innocent and giving, and most definitely the opposite of Leo. But boy, they weren’t kidding with the whole opposites attract, because he brings a side out of her that she didn’t know she had. And guess what? She does the same to him. I loved this story. I cannot wait for the next installment to come out!!!

NaeNae_Booksmacked_ ,

Bishops Beast

Wow. Just wow.
This Midnight Dynasty world has made me hate the Morelli family, despise them. But here I am about to write a review about Leo Morelli and how much I adore him!

How much he’s imperfectly perfect.
How there are why’s to what he does and who he hurts.
That bed broken and shut the world out to stay that way; because he thought that’s all he could do. Why bring people in when they let you down and hurt you? When your trust has been broken and beaten?

And Haley, she was such a strong character. She made her own sacrifices to save her father because that’s what you do for the people you love, and then she has to make the hardest sacrifice of them all at the end.

When Haley sees how broken Leo is, and Leo sees how much Haley is different from the rest of her Constantine family- they come together in a beautiful story of strength.

I LOVED this book but wasn’t prepared for the way it ended. I wasn’t ready emotionally. I wasn’t ready mentally.

I fell hopelessly for the Beast of Bishop’s Landing and I really don’t want to go back.

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