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Murder, Adultery, Gambling, UFOs - And the White House?!?
Your high school history teachers never gave you a book like this one! Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents features outrageous and uncensored profiles of the men in the White House—complete with hundreds of little-known, politically incorrect, and downright wacko facts. You’ll discover that:
     •  George Washington spent a whopping 7% of his salary on booze
     •  John Quincy Adams loved to skinny-dip in the Potomac River
     •  Gerald Ford once worked as a Cosmopolitan magazine cover model
     •  Warren G. Harding gambled with White House china when he ran low on cash
     •  Jimmy Carter reported a UFO sighting in Georgia
     •  And Richard Nixon . . . sheesh, don’t get us started on Nixon!
With chapters on everyone from George Washington to Barack Obama, Secret Lives of the U.S. Presidents tackles all the tough questions that other history books are afraid to ask: How many of these guys were cheating on their wives? Are there really secret tunnels underneath the White House? And what was Nancy Reagan thinking when she appeared on Diff’rent Strokes? American history was never this much fun in school!

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December 1
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Customer Reviews

Golfmiway ,

Very Entertaining Read

If you want a quick read into the lives and mostly disfunction of America's Commander In Chief's, then this is the book you should read. I found it to be not long on biography, but full of very interesting facts about how human our presidents have been and how many of them got elected, not because of their qualifications, but because of weird twists of fate and the gullibility of the electorate. The author does attempt to hit some highlights of each president's accomplishments, but the book is more focused upon the quirks and faults, which we all have. Fun and educational read.

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