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The history of the world brims with the whispers of secret societies. Much remains hidden from the knowledge of the common man and the mystery that trails secret societies, remain a part of the lesser known. Some of these elusive organizations have become laymen's knowledge but the information garnered is, more than often, vague and incomplete...

The lack of precise information and the persistence of the societies in staying away from the prying eyes of the public have led to the rise of umpteen conspiracy theories.

The origin of secret societies begins from time immemorial, and the history of the world is peppered with tales of such societies. Their greatest strength lies in their concealment.

Such forbidden knowledge has remained strictly guarded. Most acclaimed Secret Societies have been under government protection over the years and are actively involved in national and international events till date. These power-wielding groups brandish significant influence in important decisions made worldwide.

The purpose of this book is to put forth a historical and factual account of some of the conspiracy theories surrounding secret societies that exist in the contemporary world - stretching from the high profile Church of Scientology and the Bilderberg group, to the Illuminati...

August 31
William Myron Price
Draft2Digital, LLC

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NopheeJones ,

Compelling and Historic

My 3 stars is by no way a negative review in the slightest. It’s fantastic, informative, and interesting. This books expands on the history and events that took place over time to bring us to the modern 2019 data we have on the Illuminati or secret societies. What I feel could have been improvements were I was looking for something more modern and perhaps more revealing in today’s standards than the past historical research. Overall, a great read. I recommend it.

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