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This book was completed because of closed government and information control. Too many things are left in the air and not talked about.
We cant disclose the source of this book nor can we tell you any exact information that could identify him or hinder any current or future work.

What we can say is that he has worked all over the world, mostly for governments and large private corporations but also for private individuals, think tanks and even a rebel government. He had been decorated by 8 different military powers and has a stack of scientific awards that stretch to a noble prize nomination for his work in Physics.
lets just say that if WikiLeaks got hole of this man....they could bring the whole thing crashing down.

I am a freelance journalist and have worked for various publications around the world and written several white papers. Out of the two of us, he has the most exciting job.

We were both born in the same village and went to the same schools and university's, after we went our separate ways into the fields that we wanted to work in. We have been life long friends and consultants to one another over the years.

The following was a joint idea of us both because of the growing concern about closed government and withheld information. Our guy on the inside feels that there are some things the public need to know and if the official channels wont let out it will stifle our progression.


The conversation that was held was not recorded but it was transcribed live using an app on my iPhone. This may seem strange but the interviewee didn't want a voice recording as he could be identified from it. He did agree to answer all of the questions put to him honestly and tell us what he knew about them.

So I searched for the most talked about conspiracy theories and started to make up a list of questions to ask him. There is a lot of shit out there and mad theories about everything from JFK to the Loch Ness monster and i didn't want to waste the golden opportunity we have to find out some real facts. The list started to form and there are a few things that i think he would know. In total there were 7 things that i was going to put to him but time didn't allow that so i only got to ask about 4.

These questions are as follows,

9/11 Building 7 collapse


The CIA and AIDS

New World Order

Politics & Current Events
July 11
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