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Now a student at Wurthaven, Will is confronted with the truth of the present. The powerful magic embodied by wizards like his grandfather is but a distant memory, while the practice of the current day is timid and uninspired, and yet he needs the knowledge still preserved and managed by the college. At every turn he finds that sorcery is supreme, while wizards are trained merely to assist and support those who hold the real power—a power based on an evil so deep that few living know the truth of its foundation.

As a student of wizardry, he’s expected to know his place and stay in it, but Will isn’t like the other students. His grandfather’s teaching has made him into something different, something forgotten—something they will learn to fear.

If he can grow into his power. With every choice, every refusal to submit, Will creates more enemies, enemies who aren’t content to let him live in peace. Without friends or support, Will must survive the knives in the dark, for Cerria is no place for those who refuse to follow the rules.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 14
Michael G. Manning
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Jermar33 ,

Outstanding read!

One of the most fun books I’ve ever read. Do yourself a favor and check out this series.

RockyMtnManiac ,

Secrets and Spellcraft

There are several things I am happy to repeat in this review like I’ve said about Michael G. Manning’s other works:
Amazing, detailed, finely crafted and woven story line and sub-plots.
Characters so relatable and real they become instantly a part of you like someone you’ve known for years.
A setting, realm and backstory that doesn’t do anything less than inspire you to learn and experience more.
An arcane system with an elaborate and imaginative ‘science’ and consistency that astounds the mind with it’s detail and charm.
Pick it up. Read it. You’ll want to read it again. The initial read is a delight. Reading it again is like a warm and loving hug from an old friend...

TDowns69 ,

Awesome Read!!!

This is an Amazing! second book in the adept series. Don’t miss out on the journey of the young and sometimes daft wizard Will as he learns more skills, stumbling through his screwups. Its a must read. If you haven’t read the first book? Do so and get introduced to the world.
Don’t miss out!

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