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A dead-end job. An unrequited crush. A break-in and near assault.

Life was not going too well for Joyce Manning. Given her circumstances, it wasn't surprising she was willing to accept the strange condition in the will of  a heretofore-unknown relative. Joyce would inherit a house, along with an income, provided that she lives in the property for two years. Joyce doesn't hesitate to leave Chicago for upstate New York. It's not until she's almost there that she begins to worry that the house might be a rickety shack with no lights or running water, and filled with feral cats.

It's not. In some ways, it's worse. The house is like something out of a nightmare, crawling with gargoyles and grotesques. The nearest neighbor to the isolated house, depending on who you listen to, is a spa -- or a mental asylum.

But it's not all bad. The interior of the house, thankfully, doesn't match the outside. Not one but two local men actively pursue Joyce, which is more attention than she garnered in Chicago. And not having to work for a living is a dream come true.

Things would be great, if it weren't for the odd occurrences in the house, and the changes on its outside that make Joyce wonder if her imagination is too vivid or if she's losing her mind. Will Joyce realize that when something seems too good to be true, it usually is? Because the house has a horrifying secret, and there was a special -- and sinister -- reason Joyce was lured there.

Books in The In Stone Trilogy:

Secrets in Stone, Book 1

Sorrows in Stone, Book 2

Sustained in Stone, Book 3

Fiction & Literature
December 3
Rebecca A. Engel
Draft2Digital, LLC

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