Secrets In The Mirror

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Family. The same people who destroyed Gavin's self-esteem are the ones he must save.

When Gavin looks in the mirror he sees his twin Devon ― literally. Yet like the mirror, inside they are the reverse of each other. Devon is the chosen one, anointed by their tough Mob-connected father, who demeans Gavin as a nerd but expects him to save his brother from his worst instincts. Gavin struggles to believe in himself and make his own decisions in the face of Dad's bullying and Devon's narcissistic gaslighting. When Devon gets into drugs and crime, people start dying. Gavin's loyal allies tell him he can't save his twin; he must save himself. He flees to find freedom and success far away, but he can't hide from his sociopathic brother, or from the Mob.

Secrets In The Mirror is a sweeping saga of one family's journey to rise above cultural precedent. But Gavin is the one who must finally break the shackles of multigenerational and narcissistic abuse, despite inextricable bonds with a twin who's headed for self-destruction. It is a tale that grapples with the imperative to save others versus the struggle to save oneself.

"The novel provides a thoughtful consideration of a disorder that has the capacity to devastate relationships.. A somber, absorbing coming-of-age tale." - Kirkus Reviews

"A psychological thriller illuminating the effects of severe mental illness on siblings and family, this coming-of-age story grows darker on every page. Kain takes the reader on an intense ride with a piercing narrative that highlights effects of multigenerational physical and emotional trauma. Audiences will find themselves asking what part of Gavin's life [his twin] Devon will ruin next, and relish the tension in this psychological twister. Great for fans of: The Girl on the Train and The Woman in the Window" ‒ BookLife

"Leslie Kain delivers a suspensefully entertaining story about the relentless drive to preserve a family, no matter how troubled it may be ... The tension begins cascading through the DiMasi home from their first harsh interactions and doesn't relent until the final electrifying moments. ... Deliberately unnerving and impressively intricate, Secrets In The Mirror is a successful psychological thriller that toes the fine line between sympathetic and terrifying." - Indies Today (5-star review)

"Secrets in the Mirror is a compelling story about Narcissistic Personality Disorder mixed with family patterns of abuse and addiction. Gavin, the hero, wants only to save his family, but his identical twin's increasingly risky behavior and grandiose thinking threaten everyone's wellbeing and safety. Add in the Mob, and this explosive page-turner will keep you up at night!" -- Barbara Claypole White, bestselling author of The Perfect Son and The Promise Between Us

"I love a book that gets my stomach tingling and worried for the characters right from the start. The slow-building tension stays throughout the book and keeps you turning the pages with a little bit of dread and a lot of curiosity. The identical twin dynamic of Gavin and Devon set up an instant good versus evil plot that is riveting. This story unpacks the ultimate nature vs nurture debate and shows how a family's past can influence the future."  -- Julee Balko, author of The Things We Keep

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September 13
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