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Most professionals don’t realize they’re making major mistakes with their wardrobe that could cost them influence, clients, and money. Why? They don’t look the part. When you enter a room, your image makes the first (and loudest) statement about who you are...and it could be sending the wrong message. In Secrets of a Well-Dressed Brand, Toi Sweeney will show you how to use style to make the best first impression and increase your perceived value.

Business & Personal Finance
May 12
The Well Dressed Brand
Toi Sweeney

Customer Reviews

steverisinger ,

Not What You Think!

This book is NOT about materialism! Toi gets to the heart behind the decisions you’re making and teaches mental discipline regarding wardrobe. She is placing tools in your hands that will set you up for being able to impact the world best with your gifts and talents.

@RyanRhoten ,

This is THE book on personal style

Before you ever say a verbal word to someone you're about to meet, you've already said volumes to them via your clothes. Toi is an expert helping you say the right things through your personal style. Way more than a how-to-dress book, Secrets of a Well Dressed Brand is the definitive guide on how to use the most visible part of your brand to set the stage for your success. Highly recommend this book.

IsisUC ,

A Breath of Fresh Air - Transformative Look at the Power of Style

The wisdom and insights in this book has seriously enhanced the quality of my life. Before reading this book, I disliked shopping with a passion. I was completely overwhelmed by the idea of putting together a stylish look and I honestly devalued the power of "dressing for success." However, in my profession as a public speaker, how I dress is key to my brand. Toi’s “secrets" helped me realize that my outfit speaks before I even open my mouth. From the videos to the discovery quizzes, this book is power-packed with practical, easy-to-understand ways to discover your brand and build a closet that reflects it. And, it’s incredibly inspirational! It gave me a deeper motivation for discovering my style. I now feel more confident and I actually look forward to building my closet with clothes that reflect me and what I value. I have cut my shopping time in half and I have learned how to dress in a way that is strategic and effective for not only my speaking engagements, but my everyday life. SOOO grateful! Thank you, Toi Sweeney!